Need help. Suffering after doing Isha foundation Inner Engineering program


Everything, including chanting, has a DOSE. Correct dose will produce good effects. OVERDOSE will lead to great harm or even DEATH.


How do we get to know the correct dose?


Your own body and mind will tell you. If you feel joyful during the rest of the day, exhibit tolerance and compassion when faced with difficult people or situations, then you can be sure you have taken the correct dose of divine medicine. If you feel irritable and intolerant and anxious during the rest of the day it is very likely you have done something wrong or gone overboard! Checking the pulse is a good way to understand where you are. If the pulse is around 70 or less you are fine. If it goes above 80, you are in overdose territory. Hold back for 2 to 3 weeks in that case and restart at the lowest dose possible. Good luck!


I came across this site when i was had disc slip after doing yoga practices I always had very athletic and lean body. More into games from childhood. I came across isha yoga watched lot of videos and decided to try it out. but after practicing it for few months i was hit very hard with back pain (disc slip in lower back) which crippled me both physically & mentally for weeks. But somehow i didnot want to give up on yoga since the way it made it feel was unparalleled. I tried to understand what happened to me first went to chiropractor sessions for few days and after few weeks i was able to walk freely. I went for full body tests and realized that i was severely short on both vitamin D & Vitamin B12 which was root cause of the back pain. After taking the supplements regularly all my problems went away and i continued isha yoga practices and infact went on to take more programs from them. I am glad i didnot give up on yoga.
Sorry for this long story but why i wanted to tell you all this story is let you guys know yoga is not source of the problem at least in my case. there are many stories written here about prana, kundalini syndrome & nonsense when no body knows what the hell it is. Today there is science to you tell you things dont go behind this nonsense. you fear things when things go in wrong direction. I had a similar experience with isha teacher when i had the problem with my back. All i was told is to continue my practice. To be fair to them, isha yoga teachers are not doctors or magicians all they know is yoga and how to teach it. Blaming them is not right. Instead take the responsibility and think what went wrong.

Stop the practice if you are not feeling great after doing the practise as simple as that. If it doesnt work for you stop doing it. At the same time it is stupid to stop something if you feel great.


Hello Friends, Since I am new at this forum, I will try to be brief and direct.
I believe you, as most of us that seeks the Yogic world, are looking for mental and Spiritual "release" from Samsara (mundane fears, attainments). Therefore you go to an intensive course that tells you can achine it, if you simply practice the exercises everyday.
As an aspirant, who has fought several depressions crisis and stumbled thru several yogic and non yogic techniques to get the "hang" of life, I can suggest you to quit all those fancy breathing techniques and stay with the basic Hatha-Yoga. Not that Pranayama can make wonders thru people and really help them thru their energetic alignment. But this should be you next step. Your body must be first "clean" and physically fit.
There is no ultimate yogic technique, there is what works and what does not fits to your western constitution (mental and physical). Continue with you regular Gym classes and look forward for a restorative or Basic Hatha-yoga (maybe Iyengar style), in which you spend a good time in each posture breathing deeply. That helps a lot people with energetic issues,
Open your mind to understand why are you getting so uncontrolled, maybe the practice is opening you to face that side you must take care, but take it easy, Talk to people about your anxieties and look for spiritual practices (whatever religion fits to you best). Be an spiritual seeker rather than an object or technique seeker.

Sure you will find what you are looking for. Just keep looking inside....


hi I attended the inner engineering course last year. In starting. I used to practise daily , after that some physical problem happened I was diagonsed with hypothyroid. Also, I have loss intrest in doing anything I am not getting focused , also I feel like there is no purpose of my life. Although i was a very positive and enthusastic person but now its reverse , not able to understand the cause


You have followed a false guru and the result is obvious. Find a true guru. One who is simple and does not own a big organisation! A Guru who does not depend on your money for food and clothing! Find such a Guru. You will be happy. In the meantime follow the True Saints around you like Guru Nanak, Sri Ramthakur, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Jesus, Buddha, etc. Pray to them for healing. They will listen. They will heal. Joy Guru.


The last step is 6-7 minutes of breath watching, not 3-4 minutes. Do not modify the practice advised to you and say there are side effects. It's amazing how people miss the basics despite repeatedly made them to practice as well during the programs.

If you do wrong things, wrong things will happen to you, this applies to anyfield anywhere. suppose your Doctor advices you to rest after a surgery and this is just an example to make you understand, he advices you to take bed rest and not walk or jump around after a surgery and you do that, what would happen??

I am sure that the Teachers would have advised you not to modify it and customize it.

I have done bother AOL and Isha program basic ones and have experienced benefits from both of them.
One should nurture postive thinking and then grow on it. Like someone said, it's all about faith in anything you do.


Also one must be very attentive when doing these practices, your mindset, at least when you are doing the kriya should be positive, and not thinking about something negative that happened or someone you hate and something they did to you, or fearing something. Whatever is your state of mind during kriya gets enhanced. Though this is not taught in the class, I have learnt it from my own experience


I am passing through an impasse lately...
i Did the IE programme on july 2018...
upto october i have done much though i could not do 40 days at a strech. but from mid october due to time constraints i totally stopped it...
from december i dont know from where my age old nemesis is back to destroy me Asthma...
tbh i smoked in 2017 and all i wanted was to be completelty stripped of that 2018 i totally stopped smoking and to take things further i did the programme...
But after what happened i am at a loss..
I just dont know how to get things good again ?broken both mentally and physically