Negative Emotions - how to deal?!


I am becoming more and more accepting of the fact that we are human beings with a range of emotions. I choose to focus my awareness on the things that I want to create more of... but there are still some days that are "off" for me.

I'm curious what sort of things you do that feel loving to yourself (beyond yoga) in your daily life.

I made this video about one of the things that I do... affirm "I do not believe my thoughts right now" to give myself the benefit of space between what I am feeling and who I know I really am...




I follow my dreams - writing another novel - in the hope this one will bring me financial freedom (and I think this one will!)
I get a massage every month after pay day ( a treat because I also am swimming three times a week and so I deserve it and need it).
I get myself a take-away curry every month after pay day.
I drink beer and wine, to a much lesser extent than I used to, but I love it more than I used to - just two nights per week these days.
I smoke cannabis just a few weeks a year, rather than too much, as I used to. Again, I love it more, because I use it less.
I work on controlling my senses much more than I used to, and this has brought dividends at home and at work, but I allow them to have their moments above and I love them.
(I can't watch your video because I'm at work (homeless hostel, quiet at the moment thankfully) and we don't have sound. Apart from the above, I guess I try to do things for others that show my love for mankind, rather than do things that show love for myself.


I journal and play guitar and shakuhachi.


Nice list! :slight_smile:

It's important to treat ourselves. Right on, getting a massage once a month!


I had to google "shakuhachi"- cool! I am also a musician.


Guitar and shakuhachi lift my spirit.


Setting an intention during my yoga practice to combat negative emotions really helps when I am struggling with them!


I just figure out that Yoga can be a cure for negativity, so i had a chance to meet a store that made me proud of something special i purchased, that's because im proud that the shirt represents me as a Yogi and i helped some on this earth for charity, as that shop has charity purpose!
and btw i found that on IG: @best.yogini.2018


Besides doing yoga ( my recent hobby ), I'll doodling or reading a good book whenever have negative energy.. or eating, yeah, enjoy eating, sip a cup of coffee or look back my album which got lot of happy pics to boost my mood up :grin::grin::grin:


I have to add Aurobindo. His writings require concentration but a slow bit of reading does wonders.