New mat advice - allergic to rubber in Jade, Lululemon



My primary mat, a brandless, soft mat, was gifted to me by a friend. She doesn't remember what brand it is. After a few years, it's really showing its wear, so I tried (and eventually returned) the major brands...

Manduka Pro was incredibly slippy, even after priming it several times. It made me feel on edge during practice. It was also a bit too rough for me.

Lululemon The Mat (and XL) wasn't the right length... I prefer my mats 74" long. Its rubbery smell also gave me an unusuall allergic reaction when breathing near it and contact dermatitis while practicing.

Jade Harmony is perfect. I love the texture, it's actually similar to my old mat. However, the rubbery smell is even more offensive. If I "test" myself by inhaling near it, I have a coughing fit.

This is so weird, as I've never had a latex allergy. I feel silly having had to return three expensive mats, but my body is quite picky and sensitive at the moment. Does anyone have any suggestions for mats that are similar to the feel of the Jade, but aren't made of rubber?

Thank you very much for any advice!