New to Yoga, need some advices


Hello, everyone. Vladimir here.
So, i recently enrolled in Yoga classes with my girlfriend, as requested from her and my doctor. I do suffer from anger issues. Prescribed meds didn’t help much and made me feel dizzy and sleepy all day, which got me into trouble at work. So the doctor thought Yoga might help. I wanted to know if anyone had similar trouble, and if Yoga actually helped solve at least few of them? :frowning: A lot of my friends are encouraging me and tell me that progress will happen, but i gotta be patient. Thanks in advance.


Can’t help with the Yoga gear but I can say that Taijiquan and Yoga both helped me with anger issues. But you have to be patient, relax and enjoy the Yoga you are doing.


Hi there! Congratulations on being proactive in your self-development. I don’t have anger isues but my problem has always been that I’m too emotional in general. I would recommend trying a few types of yoga but also…just remember that it doesn’t work they way you might except it to work. It changes you from the inside slowly.
I expected to feel calm and zen during class. In fact, my mind would get more active and even more aggresive than normal in the beginning of the session (I do ashtanga yoga), then about halfway, it’s like all that fire inside my head is burning out. By the time I’m in the closing sequence I feel like I fought and won a battle inside myself and what I believed possible of my body. I fought the urge to quit because I wasn’t “good at yoga” or “not showing enough progress”. My mind is quiet.
With kundalini yoga, it’s a different experience…I feel stupid and skeptical of this chanting stuff (like, every time) but then something happens and suddenly I feel light and happy. But that only started to happen after I tried it for the fourth time.

So, give your class a month or so, and if you feel it’s not for you, try a different teacher, and then try a different type of yoga (there are so many styles now!).

I also do “micro-meditations” during the day (5 minutes during breaks instead of facebook) and this helps me get some space from my emotions. There are lots of apps to make this easy for beginners if you search. I have a long way to go but it’s fair to say i’m no longer ruled by reacting to things all day long like before. Lots of love and support to you. xxx


I know what’s your problem, I also had anger issues and I’m always stress, one of my friend one day told me to attend yoga class but i don’t have time to go to classes because im busy at work, then one time i found a program called yoga for healing, It;s the right program for me, because i don’t need to go to attend classes I just do it in my room, here;s a review , It works for me, and i feel much better now , like a new person stress free


Hello Vladimir, I don’t have anger issue but i know about anger issue very well .it is a big problem. I can say yoga reduce your stress and help to you in your anger issues. So please continue your Yoga classes.


Welcome to the club! There’s a ton of resources on this site to help you with your practices but the main thing is you have to stay committed. Doing yoga once a month won’t do much for you, but doing it daily will start to relax your state of mind.


I have dealt with the very same issues. My friend sent me this article and it helped.


I am very excited I just got into yoga, and was told about a yoga burn challenge. It seems very informative and the reviews seem legit I just cant wait until it arrives, what do you all think. I put there info below?


yes yoga is really helpful for stress, anger control, insomnia specially meditation is much batter u must try that too.


Yoga is a great way to reduce the depression and you will also learn the some asanas which helps in enhancing the physical strength and improve mental health. During the yoga course you must do some warm up, stretching before the yoga session to prevent the injury.