New to Yoga

Hello all :slight_smile: I’m fairly new to Yoga and I am hoping to learn more and more each day on a fitness level. My first goals are:

-to increase my flexibility
-to increase my stamina
-to decrease my stress levels
-to pair with appropriate nutrition to battle the current illnesses I have - epilepsy, chronic fatigue, chronic anaemia and insulin resistance.

My BMI is perfectly healthy for my age, height and weight, but I have a family history of Type 2 Diabetes, and although I am slim, I have just been diagnosed with the first step of getting the disease - insulin resistance. So I’m taking my health into my hands and transforming my lifestyle so that I can hopefully avoid it.

At the moment I am self-teaching myself Yoga (I have 4 kids so getting to the gym for a Yoga class is kinda tricky). I’m using the FitStar Yoga app that is paired to my FitBit. So far, I’m finding it a good tool for learning about poses, but maybe sometime in the future I will likely find a Yoga teacher to help on poses that I am getting wrong. For now, it will have to do.

I also walk every day and dance in the living room with my kids :stuck_out_tongue:

Any advice is greatly welcome.

Everyone has their own unique story of their start on the path of yoga. Fostering a deeper interest using online classes, an app or Youtube is fine and dandy. Just know that you are getting mere drops of water in what is otherwise a vast ocean.

Just as planets have their place (alignment) and your home stands up due to the solidity of its foundation, so too does your body have a place (spatially speaking) and your practice is built upon the foundation of feet and hands.

I hope Yoga supports you in all that you pursue.

Namaste (bow me you).

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Some benefits of yoga-

Yoga is not just an exercise. It includes different forms of exercises and also meditation. Yoga is a system to control the mind, and it helps you to reduce your stress. It enables you to relax and let go of your tensions, so you can be more flexible in your life.

Even if you are not flexible physically, you will feel more flexible mentally. While doing yoga, you will forget all your daily problems, worries, etc., and this way you can have a great time while exercising.

It is fun to try new things in life and yoga is one of those things that are worth trying at least once in a lifetime. You will see that it improves your health as well as makes you feel great. Once you get used to it, it will become a part of your life, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower every morning.

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