New yoga teachers--what types of jobs enable you to teach and pay the bills?

I am a freelance writer working on a story about what types of jobs (full-time or part-time) do “new” yoga instructors have that are flexible enough to allow them to gain experience teaching and still pay the bills. Also curious about jobs that have an element that connects back to yoga to help people grow as a new teacher. Let me know if you have some experience or thoughts on this.


I think lots of new teachers struggle with this; you want to start teaching as much as possible to gain experience, but you don’t want to ruin the joy teaching by being financially dependent on it straight away. On the other hand, preparing classes takes lots of time and energy at the beginning, so it is hard to put your heart and soul into teaching while at the same time working a full-time job.
I work a weekend job myself, in cafe making coffee etc., and rent a studio at a gym two days a week to organize classes in. It means living very simply and earning just enough to to pay rent and food, but at least I have enough time left to focus on developing as a teacher and enjoy learning as much as I can along the way :slight_smile:

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I believe that finding the right job that lets you teach yoga and still pay the bills is a real puzzle. A lot of new yoga teachers I know mix it up with part-time gigs in places like wellness centers or gyms, where they can sometimes snag free or discounted classes too. Have you thought about looking into customer service roles, like with employee navigator customer service ? Jobs like these often offer the flexibility you need to fit in teaching classes. Plus, chatting with other yoga teachers could give you more ideas on how to balance everything.