Newbie from Colombo, Need an advice on Sirasasana (Headstand)


Dear Gurus and Teachers
I'm Buddhika, 45 years old male from Sri Lanka. I started yoga practices without a teacher by reading books and watching videos. I can perform basic asana without much difficulty. But my eyes are getting red after I perform head stand (Sirsasana). I don't feel any discomfort but my family members are afraid of this. Highly appreciate your kind advice on


Nothing to do but breathe. Sirasana is not a natural position for the human body because of the way the blood flows to the head which is which your eyes are getting red. I wouldn't reccommend staying in this asana for more than a minute or so until you have mastered a breathing technique to promote blood flow.



Dear HeartChakra
Thank you very much for your kind advice!
Wish you good health and peace in mind!


Just be careful - you may have perfectly healthy blood vessels in your head but, unless you have lived a totally austere life, you may not. The headstand is not a necessary Asana. You can climb all of the 8 limbs of the Yoga path without doing. I would ere on the side of caution. I know of one person who had a stroke while doing the headstand.