Newbie from Colombo, Need an advice on Sirasasana (Headstand)


Dear Gurus and Teachers
I'm Buddhika, 45 years old male from Sri Lanka. I started yoga practices without a teacher by reading books and watching videos. I can perform basic asana without much difficulty. But my eyes are getting red after I perform head stand (Sirsasana). I don't feel any discomfort but my family members are afraid of this. Highly appreciate your kind advice on


Nothing to do but breathe. Sirasana is not a natural position for the human body because of the way the blood flows to the head which is which your eyes are getting red. I wouldn't reccommend staying in this asana for more than a minute or so until you have mastered a breathing technique to promote blood flow.



Dear HeartChakra
Thank you very much for your kind advice!
Wish you good health and peace in mind!


Just be careful - you may have perfectly healthy blood vessels in your head but, unless you have lived a totally austere life, you may not. The headstand is not a necessary Asana. You can climb all of the 8 limbs of the Yoga path without doing. I would ere on the side of caution. I know of one person who had a stroke while doing the headstand.


Hi Buddhika
Sirasasana is advanced level of of yoga,performing basic yoga is not that difficult but when you talk about high level of yoga then you should perform it under the guidance of someone because certain precautions has to be taken while performing such types of asanas of yoga.


It is a symptom that you should avoid this pose. Sirasasana is not for all. You did not mention the duration of the pose. Visit the research article
You should do this type of poses only under proper guidance and observation. My opinion is, you better avoid this pose or minimise the duration to a couple of seconds.
In my experience, what I have learned is: For those who practice Sirshasana regularly from younger age, there could not be any problem. But if you start in later part of your life, it should be closely observed.

In your case, you are not under expert guidance and you have not been performing it from your earlier age. It is not advisable to continue.


I'm 66 and do the headstand with my arms in tripod and head in hands, most of the weight is carried by the arms. I don't stay very long but when I come down stay in child pose with forehead on stacked fist for a little while.


That's good .don't worry about it. Because when you are doing sirasasana, your blood is circulating opposite . That's why it's helpful in low blood pressure and for hair growing and many more. So after headstand you just need to do counter pose like child pose 30 to 01 minute. Because child pose is very good posture for blood circulation.