Newbies to Yoga


You are right. And teacher is always encouraging you if you are down.


Congratulations that you started yoga in your daily routine. I also take the online yoga classes, so i learn lot more about the yoga poses and expand my knowledge. It is great thing for me and better experience that i learned the yoga from online classes.


Hello. I'm a yoga newbie too. I live in Vilnius, Lithuania and I've found a nice article about various spots where one can practice this art. I've never thought that there are so many unique ways of yoga. It blew my mind. Now I'm trying to experience all kinds of yoga so I could decide which one matches me the most...


I myself in pretty much the same situation. Being on and of with Yoga for many years I finally found myself needing it more now than ever; between an issue I was born with and my age Yoga helps stop the pain and possibly resolve some physical issues.

For reasons of my own for at least right now I choose not to go to a school and because of that I have a handful of DVD’s, purchased Prime videos and a few YouTube subscriptions. So in no particular order I found the following extremely helpful (search for them on YouTube)
Erica Vetra
Flow with Adee
Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga
Yoga with Adrienne
David Swenson (especially his short form videos which I own the DVD)

Me personally after a few tries even though he is very popular I do not care for Rodney Lee.