Newbies to Yoga


Hey Everyone,
My wife and I have just recently started on our yoga journey. We have been using youtube channels and amazon prime yoga instruction videos. Has anyone else here tried something similar out? If so, what are your recommendations?
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Hi Mike,

Congratulations on starting a yoga practice. If you and your wife are relatively new I would suggest going for an online platform that has a structured beginners course. This will help you learn the fundamentals a lot better than doing ad hoc classes. Many of the online options are ad hoc unfortunately, and lack structure. After looking around a fair bit myself I have found that is an excellent option. It has structured beginners courses that are very well put together. The teacher on the site is excellent. It also leads you on to more advanced classes once you finish the courses. Very cheap too - it’s in Aussie dollars, so works out well. I have been doing the Iyengar style for many years and I do the advanced classes on this site very regularly - highly recommended. It’s helped me a lot.

Let me know how you go!



Well, that is nice that you people are practicing yoga and it is good to follow youtube instructions. I have also created a video for yoga practices and some asanas, check it out


Hello. I heard about YogaGlo. I’m afraid I didn’t try that personally. But I saw some well known teachers there as well.

I actually prefer practicing in a studio, it feels like I’m sharing energy with other students. And with a teacher there, they will be able to see if I’m doing anything wrong and will be able to adjust me. Because when I’m in a pose, sometimes I have no idea I was doing it incorrectly.

If you go to a regular teacher, they will be able to see your progression too. :slight_smile:


Why don’t you join a yoga course? It could be a short one. Try


Thank you so much for your suggestion. I’ll look into it!


This is great! Thank you!


Thank you for the recommendation!


Welcome to your yoga journey. May it be filled with joy, deep insight, health and happiness. I think starting with an online course or class is a lovely introduction and helps you get going. It can be nerve wracking wlaking into a studio…However nothing beats having a real person lead you through a practice. When you are feeling confident go along to a studio, choose a beginners class and try to go at a time that is least popular. Then the teacher will have time to check in on you and support you.

Let me know if this is helpful and if not I can offer further assistance. I use yogaglo for a home practice but I have been practicing yoga for 11 years and teaching 9 years.


Hi Mike,

Have only been practising yoga for a week. (1st week, did only three sessions).

My problem is that I have now got extreme pain in my LSCS. I Unfortunately, had to have 3 of these, the last being nearly 13 years ago, and I am unable to continue with my core exercises as they are excruciating.

To be Fair, I have been unable to do them properly anyway and could barely move my legs down an inch. (I most definitely cannot get my legs over my head).

The pain is also prevalent on moving from one pose to another and I am finding that I am unable to move in a fluid way without collapsing onto my belly to move to the next position.

I am deeply concerned. Can you help?

Many thanks

Jane Coles


I love the Down Dog app and articles on Form's website are really helpful for beginners


Hi, new here as well and had this same question.

Nice to meet you and thanks for asking this!


Hello everyone! I want to start my yoga teacher career. Can you give me some recommendations? Which yoga teacher training is better in your opinion? Thanks for helping me out!


Hi everybody,
Yoga sounds like an awesome experience to try. There is actually a website that talks more about yoga for those interested in reading up on it. If you go here you can find out more


Hi there Mike!
It is good to know that you and your spouse are practicing yoga. What have you learned about yoga now since from the day you started practicing? Do you know that yoga meditation and mindfulness is effective in eliminating stress and anxiety? it is helpful to practice yoga while listening to healing and calming music such as this music sound from Try to listen to their sample video while practicing yoga, this might work for you and your spouse too.


Welcome to your new journey :slight_smile: I'v created a channel that great for beginners. everything from how to make use of yoga props to great easy warm ups to start your day. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. Namaste


Thank you so much for this it really helps us beginners get started on the right foot. I have been doing research on yoga and yoga products and here is something really cool I've found here:


Hi Mike.. I hope your journey goes well.. I am new to this whole Yoga arena too.
what is the best way to get started? Is it better to do Yoga in the morning or evening? By the end of the day I am so tired and don't feel like changing and getting on a mat

There is so much information out there its overwhelming and I really don't know where to begin. I really don't want to stop before I even get started.

Has anyone used a successful program or what worked for you guys?

Has anyone here heard of this program? Yoga Burn

I am looking into this but challenge I came across. There is a lot involved. When I say i have done a lot of research, i'm not kidding. Mike what have you and your wife looked into before you started Yoga?

Can someone give me their review on this for me before I go through and start something that may not benefit me?

I would really like to hear what you guys think of this and is it worth it?

The company will compensate me for any review that help me lead to my decision to join this program


For home practice , The Complete Yoga book by James Hewitt is an amazing resource for all aspects of yoga


Like your video. You cover several good poses for someone new to Yoga. Kind of fast movement if someone is trying to follow along.