Non profit yoga retreat?


I’m not all that concerned about making money from, it’s certainly not the reason I bought it. One of my biggest priorities is building community where everyone is accepted. What is everyone’s thought on having a not for profit yoga retreat in 2009 or 2010? Allow any certified teacher who comes and wants to, to teach a class and have it be a community building retreat.


It sounds like a wonderful idea David. How are you planning on managing the planning and logistics? It will need someone to devote a lot of time and energy to it.


I hadn’t really gotten that far yet :slight_smile: I thought I’d put the idea out there first.

However, as I don’t really work, I wouldn’t mind handling it. I’d try to make it open source/democratic so that the community as a whole could make suggestions about what they’d like to see. I’m guessing as a community, there is enough expertise to put on a great event :slight_smile:


IMO this idea can beautifully grow when you will share it with the community!


I think this would be great fun!