Ocean Love Fest

19. - 26. OCTOBER 2019, MED. SEA

The ocean is our home. It’s our ancestor, our mother of nature, and our father of connection. All human life started once out of the ocean. And nowadays, living in cities, in concrete houses, disconnected from nature, we feel a deep inner longing for more. It’s our soul that needs the connection – connection with other souls and spirits. You can find it in humans, in animals, in nature and even in music. Come and join us on a journey, connecting to the water, floating with the movement of existence, being on these waves of love and abundance, carrying each other on the love boat full of music, dance, and connection.

Ocean Love Fest is a festival that offers several activities and experiences during their on board event time. The event will be held on Mediterranean Sea in Turkey and it will be between 19th and 26th of October in 2019. The event offers activities mainly designed around yoga, music and dance with the concept of ocean, nature and meditation love and also there will be several artists on the event. Your vivid encounter with the elements of nature, your daily yoga sessions, the benefits of a vegetarian, fresh and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, together with the option of an energy spending massage, or a snorkeling tour, all will combine to bring your spirit and body in balance. There will be different daily classes such as yoga and meditation. Also, the event offers several water activities like free diving, SUP, sub yoga, water acrobatics and water therapeutic. Besides, dancing is also a crucial part of Ocean Love Fest, under the sail of the floating deck. While the sunset is going down, the dance floor offers you an experience to celebrate this moment with Ecstatic Dance, 5-Rhythms, Contact Improvisation, Mandala Dance, Just Dance and guided dance workshops during the event. Ocean Love Fest combines dance with music and offers wide range of music styles with great musicians on board to lighten up your soul with mantra and circle song sessions, music lessons, concerts and live music during yoga classes and sound healing. The festival crew is discretely attending you, with both joy and charm, to ensure that your stay on board will become an unforgettable experience. While boat is cruising you are free to just lean back and relax, or to read, to chat or to let your soul whisper to you what your life is all about. Do not forget to check Ocean Love Fest official website and other social media accounts. You can clearly see everything in detail from there and you can book this amazing experience from their website. Join the community and be part of the ocean with yoga, dance and music.


Looks amazing! It's such a great idea to connect with nature and enjoy the calming effect of the ocean. Events like this remind me of the serene atmosphere at candlelight concerts. Speaking of which, I've heard that candlelight concerts customer service is top if you ever have any questions about their events. Hope everyone who attends the fest has a wonderful and peaceful experience!

An exciting event devoted to the protection and beauty of our seas is called Ocean Love Fest. To promote awareness and spur action for marine conservation, this yearly event brings together artists, conservationists, and aficionados for the ocean. Protecting our precious marine ecosystems is the theme of interactive exhibits, educational seminars, and live performances that attendees can take part in. Become a part of the movement and contribute to the effort to protect the oceans!