One method for mind

These things are at least precise. Check out my other post about precision if ya’ll want.
These are great moves together y’all. The postures are great for longevity, superconciousness. I’ll explain anything I can if any are interested in something more. I highly encourage wisdom of your cubits. The tip of the thumb outstretched to the other end of palm is the length from the cubit intersection to the middle of the heart. if the hand outstretched is just as high at the thumb tip as the middle shoulder joint then it is in obvious alignment with the base definitions. The fingers fanned adds coverage by the length of the middle of heart to the bottom. When the touching fingers with the outstretched thumb are resting on top of your head that represents the consciousness. A preference may be to see the middle of palm to tip of thumb as aura consciousness and the middle of palm to bottom of palm as body area, then to see the whole heart as body and hand dimensions at consciousness. The yin and Yang yin body heart can be yin for bottom half of heart and Yang for middle to top of cubit intersection. (1. The yin and Yang for the hand can be yin from middle of palm to the middle of the distance between the middle of the palm, and the middle between the fanned out pinky and top of the thumb. While the Yang can be the latter point to the middle of the fanned out pinky and the top of the thumb.) When thumb is pointing up on top of the head you might start with the yin on the bottom from (1) to the middle of yin for the Yang posture. When hands are to the side one may start with yin as one of the halves of Yang instead of a full halves of Yang above yin in the focal point. For the hand in general the bottom of palm or with pinkys out, maybe for a more yin start, the middle of the palm to the pinky is yin and that middle to the top of the thumb tip is Yang lol. That kind of defines it but if you add the fanned out pinky when doing measured namaskar 3 and 4 your sanyas will definitely be additional if you have the right effort. For all the yin and Yang Id watch Nithyananda Sovereign Order of Kailasa video with him at the table talking to the lads and damsels.

I just watched a Sadhguru that said there is consciousness 9 to 12 inches above the head which is being about 9 to 12 finger distal phalanges. ‘Yoga In Ancient Civilizations Across The World | Sadhguru’
I mentioned that the consciousness above the head is about 0 to the top of the thumb which is about six and a half. So if you spread the pinky above the head as well you’re at about 9 and in simple measurements three is checked by an additional point that makes four just like the other mind post I posted that had nine proved by a tenth number; so three threes is checked by four ones which sums to 12… so just as a theoretical fourth quadrant in a 2 axis graph is real by logically derived reason 9 represents physical logic and 10,11,12 represent derived conceptual logic that is both a part of the measurement and a checking group of numbers that integrate into the reality of something chosen and somewhat mystical. The mind and the body are in the same reality. And what you think is as real as the food you eat. Check out my post about significance of circle and 360 relevance envision algebraic and geometric conception reasonability.