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These things are at least precise. Check out my other post about precision if ya’ll want.
These are great moves together y’all. The postures are great for longevity, superconciousness. I’ll explain anything I can if any are interested in something more. I highly encourage wisdom of your cubits. The tip of the thumb outstretched to the other end of palm is the length from the cubit intersection to the middle of the heart. if the hand outstretched is just as high at the thumb tip as the middle shoulder joint then it is in obvious alignment with the base definitions. The fingers fanned adds coverage by the length of the middle of heart to the bottom. When the touching fingers with the outstretched thumb are resting on top of your head that represents the consciousness. A preference may be to see the middle of palm to tip of thumb as aura consciousness and the middle of palm to bottom of palm as body area, then to see the whole heart as body and hand dimensions at consciousness. The yin and Yang yin body heart can be yin for bottom half of heart and Yang for middle to top of cubit intersection. (1. The yin and Yang for the hand can be yin from middle of palm to the middle of the distance between the middle of the palm, and the middle between the fanned out pinky and top of the thumb. While the Yang can be the latter point to the middle of the fanned out pinky and the top of the thumb.) When thumb is pointing up on top of the head you might start with the yin on the bottom from (1) to the middle of yin for the Yang posture. When hands are to the side one may start with yin as one of the halves of Yang instead of a full halves of Yang above yin in the focal point. For the hand in general the bottom of palm or with pinkys out, maybe for a more yin start, the middle of the palm to the pinky is yin and that middle to the top of the thumb tip is Yang lol. That kind of defines it but if you add the fanned out pinky when doing measured namaskar 3 and 4 your sanyas will definitely be additional if you have the right effort. For all the yin and Yang Id watch Nithyananda Sovereign Order of Kailasa video with him at the table talking to the lads and damsels.

I just watched a Sadhguru that said there is consciousness 9 to 12 inches above the head which is being about 9 to 12 finger distal phalanges. ‘Yoga In Ancient Civilizations Across The World | Sadhguru’
I mentioned that the consciousness above the head is about 0 to the top of the thumb which is about six and a half. So if you spread the pinky above the head as well you’re at about 9 and in simple measurements three is checked by an additional point that makes four just like the other mind post I posted that had nine proved by a tenth number; so three threes is checked by four ones which sums to 12… so just as a theoretical fourth quadrant in a 2 axis graph is real by logically derived reason 9 represents physical logic and 10,11,12 represent derived conceptual logic that is both a part of the measurement and a checking group of numbers that integrate into the reality of something chosen and somewhat mystical. The mind and the body are in the same reality. And what you think is as real as the food you eat. Check out my post about significance of circle and 360 relevance envision algebraic and geometric conception reasonability.

I’m interested in this post. There is some matter in the energy and some energy in the matter; imagine the symbolic and mathematical relativities and parts different elements play in where someone is at on there journey in any part. Shaping tuning with meditation and always practicing core philosophy should help. Check out @veganstringbean and @danglinplumshaker. Check out essentials on sanyasi page

Here is a method about focus. Look at a line going away from you on the floor going from structure then order then chaos then another chaos. Using maybe many dots/waypoints in each understand the style of focusing on the closer point then letting the eyes loosen making an ellipse that closes back to a point onto the next one. This may help one learn to read by focusing the eyes. Also to stir up some mandala like Agni for seeking inside maybe buy a hand held spinning wheel. Do your kriya in yoga and be familiar with the structures and limits of your lifestyle. Think of the subliminal things the sub analytical super consciousnesses. Living a youthful body and mature mindfulness in your Bhakti lifestyle should give you the answers. Think of measuring evaluated things in energy vibration frequency; for the biggest things you might definitely try grouping them in to 3 groups of 3, called the 3,6,9 method at different levels of zooming, for medium range things maybe using 9 root digits for linear analysis for the zooming at whatever level analyzing on, then for small group things you might like stamping(clarifying or aligning the recognizing something in 3dimensions by thinking of 3 dimensions the x y z planes it only takes three dots and let the first for example of a method be the center of focus in consciousness which is the body or a body part then the second as a “#conductive” dot maybe ensuring a balanced triangle of 60 60 60 spacing/alignment for a simple circuit pathway and environmental relativity and sensitivity orienter and for the last point maybe it focuses on the point in mind or regular eyes vision. Then for additional complexity maybe of course integrating the eclipse pathway focusing that keeps precise scanning in focus. The precision the zooming reveals in an analysis is it is like the measurement result for the quantum or maybe mini clusters in each if the one hundred points of each specific 81 scales making 8100 clusters or the measurement result for the overall option of 900 for example being checking points. The zooming out is like the checking points for the 81 scales or maybe the higher levels of scales approving one like 27 9 3… and the balancing radiation for the body, the zooming in is like the 81 scales counting and coordinations and the alignments with the intelligence(structures) of the 100 on each scale, the zooming extra in which is like the other two types zooming far out are like an aligned triangles which are signs of focus imagined in the minds eye or whatever further through the 81 scales and their 100 things in this method because the eyes less specifically angled and more of an all seeing impartial overall vision like the zoomed out/sides of ellipse are literally by reflective focus or technical alignments are point focuses if it was a far distance with the correct eye coordination. Fill up the eye coordination you are willing to with third eye accountance if intelligence. The super zooming in is also like a measuring process of the clusters within each of the 8100 things being started for example with a template scanner aligner of a mandala with triangles being a more sensitive sensory secondary vision of what the things seen with the eyes mean again in more sensitive energy/matter levels of energy vibration and frequency. The focus on this chemistry second vision is something the balance for momentum that starts reactions are coordinated with and the timing of creative preservative destructive work is also counted for and noted intelligence for. The physics vision comparatively when the first view is the dominant view is the first view and that is what teaching what things are basically aligned in relation to other things which are time and other objects maybe still theoretical objects. Theoretical here doesn’t have to be unsurely actual it can basically be sure as we are of that gravity does that to your body for example. Do chi gong as core philosophy is always the way to get started with the next step in anything scientific more or less. Also that triangle is with points on an object and a self part (maybe in the aura) and an aligned for conductivity in the environment or maybe sometimes for being more complexity balanced with the environment for conductivity placed with programming the set and setting of the triangle because of how the environment is beyond it being simple a certain distance between the self and the object, while the focus of what is interconnection more complex in a general more overall focus could be switched as natural spontaneous existence is different. To stimulate the mind maybe read the translations that all kinds of people have translated about the emerald tablets thinking about relative structure and chaos as there are essential truths in philosophy like how the body is in a small place but can be recognized as much complexity to the self who wishes and seeks properly greatly. Maybe think about how 81 scales is the most complex of simple in this basicness method. Also keeping the synchronization in the simple certification of thinking it’s connectivity is great not necessarily by more being had proven it was technically on par, of the idea of 81 heart beats or things per moment and 60 seconds per minute. See the night as day and the yang in the yin and the yin in the yang.
One would be very good to be understand and simply be simply wise being respectful to the emotional surf :surfing_man: while using knowledge of course. One may like to make that environment object self points triangle a linear pattern orderly sequence of ellipses split with a line throughout the middle. For how every close point is close it can be the self and how every farthest width points are wide they can each be the environment and for how every far point is a part of it fairly it can be the object point and those are good throughout cognition for the three points. Also there may be a linear sequence with three ellipses as representing how it works likewise and every fourth being one that can work as a checking point. Maybe when using a part of the pattern a four is made to make a pyramid with maybe a basic 60 60 60 triangular pyramid structure order order structure structure order likewise. The golden ratio could be used with a segment being the size or amount of linear maybe sized ellipses which are synchronized with the evidence law of the golden ratio making orders out of chaos by the synchronization having done it subliminally or using subconscious analytical conscious super conscious options. Every fourth can be a checking point which clarifies the overall value with the same value by displacement in the linear sequence of the third place making three previous signed as the direction for the actual three found scaling linearly. I like 144 as the value being the 12th number in the sequence as the limit designing a frequency while the golden ratio seems to be sustainable hahahaehehehe and otherwise 160 numbers into the sequence could be one interconnected 81 scales.

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Or 121 and 121-40 is 81 so that shows how three dabs of 81 scales each adding a third to the very most simple level can give one the 40 points above 81. So that point at the top can align maybe microscopically too and a supreme phenomenon can be certified as significantly present specifically by a method of 1-3 times, or maybe by each having a third align or by all three generally fitting each time a start for beginning or middle or end about project duration can be available generally

For creative critical thinking the reason why I choose to make .3 repeating of 40.333 be about the highest single point was based off of basic simplicity and uniformity of having one special point align over three whole samplings of the conscious logic method, but one could do 3 for each of the 121 for example to have a measuring process that is more accurate spatially or by the ratios of complexity stages of a rhythm pace for and for further template pace of time topic method of focus.

Of course if looking microscopic this inner point specificness of the path of the pyramidness point collecting of cognition, matters figuratively speaking, is going to be called quantum for this base mechanic tuning or specific quantum storage ordering which is all a part of this mathematically fitting thing for whatever philosophy while we all must always practice core philosophy tuning base consciousness carrier wise or specific example tuning and maintenance(logistics and even growing) wise.

Hey y’all here’s a cool idea if you want. Go to the one mind method for yoga page to think about how the 81 scales is like when it’s nice and easy in consciousness, the mind is in the same reality as the body and all mass is energy and all energy is mass all constants are mmaatteerr and all matter is constant in constantcy of concept of matter and matter complexity, and think about 10000 x 10000

Tuning alignments and timings. Tuning synchronicities and harmonies. Tuning for or about relativity to order and chaos.

Yogananda said heaven is at stake do not sin. Love god.

In consciousness you have been blessed to reform your experiences to set them into heavenly scenes throughout every moment in your life before a phase to the afterlife. Know that timer has been set as you changed those the way you wanted so heaven can begin. You will know you had control of your changes in life about the life before the essential levels of integration again because of that timer; you are smart enough to get to the heaven; anyone who wants gets there. So pray integrating to your geometries of the past present future and pray preparing for your blossoming in the evolution many seem to plot to begin after a phase they hope and have faith in making sure they are good into the afterlife but they phase into the heavenly body evolving before and phasing more controlled as a called death of earth segment time like this time. Live alone if you are a so called sinner again heaven will not come until pain is nonexistent.

In this reality we will have the proper integrations of heavenly bodies constantly plus the template timer that was more and more conceptually abundant eventually for places that were about original completely plain certified timer in reality for relativity to a heavenly being access of past ancientness relativity in the lasting heaven which remains in the future in consciousness. .

Emotion develops intelligence and there are also imaginative intellect tools made of intelligence which is sensitive to structures of matter energies and there are also tools made of denser matter/of unbody technology for the sake of the intellect which are reactive in chemistry or aligning in physics/math limits for time and space to things.

Between every prayer is a prayer and every prayer of course is a prayer. Be cute when your settlely strong balanced powerful flexible balanced chaotic wise timely balanced powerful; blessing the prana mana and chi being blessed of meditation of chaos chaos order structure finding your own structure timing chaos alignment or whatever thing in any order it is.

Go to the essentials for must commandments of divine law on the sanyasi page by @veganstringbean

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Also maybe read some quotes from yogananda who’s strong and lucky like that.

If you’re good you go to heaven and if you’re evil you go to hell.