Online bookings via website, how to solve?

I am looking into adding an online booking system for yoga group- and one-to-one sessions to my website which also allows taking payments (via paypal or similar).
Has anyone tried, it is free apparently so would be ideal?
Or any other suggestions how to solve this - I am trying to avoid software that charge exorbitant fees.

Many thanks!

If your personal web site is a Wordpress site you can likely find a plugin that would give your site the features you seek.

The most popular booking app and course management for yoga teachers is mindbody. As said @InnerAthlete, wordpress is pretty cool and it has a lot of plugin for online booking, including a mindbody plugin.
If to make a website with wordpress is too hard for you, it exists some easiers website builders as which integrate mindbody), and

Hi Sadie, I'm one of the creators of Ubindi ( — "Simple Tools for Teachers". With it, you can take bookings for classes, and you can also offer video recordings, passes, memberships, etc. It's super intuitive and very inexpensive, especially when compared with products like MindBody... have a look :slight_smile: