Online Training


Can anyone recommend a decent teacher training online?

I’ve been doing yoga for 3 years but would like some formal education as well to teach. Classroom classes around here seem to be very expensive.

I have seen a few online but don’t know what’s decent.



I found this one: www dot

and one through ACE.


Online study can be great for part of a TTC, to learn the theory and develop your own self practice.
But how can you develop teaching skills or be evaluated on teaching skills without actually physically practicing teaching people??? and the skills of giving specific verbal or physical assists/adjustments to those who need??


there is also this one
by Arlington University


Very good point! Can’t agree more.


Kiefirmal has suggested a great resource, Dont forget to wear Yoga jewellry while doing so. It will greatly help.
You can take a look here if you dont have anyone