Online webinars for meditation classes

Does anyone knows about available online webinars for meditation classes?
Please suggest here.


Please try: has both asana and meditation classes. Great quality and reasonably priced.

I recently started following along with the “Passage Meditation Courses” from Eknath Easwaren’s website. Everything that man ever said or wrote it a huge inspiration to me, and I’m finding a lot of worth in what he has to say when it comes to meditation in all of his books. This course is an interesting take on using wise words to aid in your meditation, with video cuts from the classes he taught when he was alive. He uses a Christian prayer as an example but there is a page full of multi-denominational religious and secular 'Passages" you can choose from, (of which I printed out about 20 for use with my own students).

[B]Oh yeah… and it’s free![/B]

Introductory Passage Meditation Course

thanks everyone for the replies I really appreciate it.

Have you searched youtube ? That has been my primary teacher for my yoga and meditation practice. I looked up Qigong or Qi Gong, and I learned how to feel my chi ! :slight_smile:

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