Online Yoga Idea for Yoga Instructors

I am third year Business Management student writing a report at the University of Sheffield in regards to a hypothetical yoga related business idea. I am writing to you today for some feedback on the viability of this idea and some information about yoga instructors and any thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.

It is apparent that the popularity in yoga is vastly expanding and many eager yoga students are unable to regularly to commit to classes. My solution is, an online interactive yoga classes taught by professional yoga instructors in a real-time online yoga lesson through webcams. Teachers create sessions in which students sign up on a pay-as-you-go basis. Lessons are pre-paid for and a percentage of the price are given to the instructors. The session is interactive where teachers can see all of the students and the students can see the teacher through webcams. The limit to the number of students per class will be chosen by the instructor. After a session, there is an option for a 5-10 minute feedback period where instructors are given feedback to recommend for future users. This allows those who may not have the availability to go to yoga classes to regularly access a variety of instructors through the web. An online yoga community will allow teachers to have a limitless number of students that they can teach in the comfort of their own home.

Below is a very short questionnaire about your classes and thoughts about the idea. Your responses would be very useful and greatly appreciated. Please highlight appropriate answers in bold.

  1. Do you have a waiting list for any of your classes?

Yes No

  1. How many students do you have on average per class?

0-5 6-10 11-15 16+

  1. How much do you charge per class?

Less than ?5 per hour ?5-8 per hour ?8-12 per hour More than ?12 per hour

  1. Would you be able to fit online yoga lessons into your schedule?

Yes No

  1. Would you be interested in instructing yoga online? (Please explain reasons)

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