Padmasna and cleansing the nadis


Hello friends! I have an important question about Padmasna. Once I have seen in a video that if you practice Padmasana with left leg on the top that good for meditation, and if you practice with right leg on the top it energizes your body.

I didn't find the video, so I could not share it, but I think this is maybe because of the Ida and Pingala Nadis.

I always practice Padmasana with right leg on the top and Pingala Nadi is dominant most of the day and even in the evenings to me.

Can I reverse this by switching legs, and practice it with left leg on the top for a while?

Does the legs really have any effect on the Ida and Pingala?

I was searching for a while, but I didn't find the answer...

Thanks for your help.



No evidence exists in yoga texts that confirms the relationship of the leg in Padmasana and Nadi. Yoga texts lists many such precedents that activate a particular Nadi but not this.
It is always good to change the legs for equal duration of time for better mobility and mastery. Find more about Padmasana here.