Paid Survey on Retreats - $10 Gift Voucher for Amazon (or other e-retailer)

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the forum and am currently working with a few yoga studios/centres/retreats in Northern Thailand where I am based at the moment.

I am looking to survey a number of people in order to get some feedback to help them to help understand their audience a little better. The survey can be completed online and should take between 10-15 minutes.

Every completed survey will be rewarded with a $10 e-voucher (or other voucher if possible to fulfill) sent via email.

There is a limited budget for this survey and we are looking for up to 15 participants from this particular forum.

About the surveys - there are two different types of survey:

  1. For someone who has never attended a retreat in the past but is in the process of looking/booking one within the next 12 months - i.e. must be someone actively seeking to attend and done some research (not just passively interested in going at some time in the future).
  1. For someone who has attended at least one or more retreat(s) in the past.

I will say at this point that I have checked with David about creating this thread and he has very kindly agreed that I can post one thread in regard to this survey.

Before completing the survey please could you pm me and state which survey would apply to you complete and from there I can confirm availability and send across the link to the survey for you too look at.

Once I get your message I can confirm back asap.

Again, if you have any questions or queries, please feel free to message me at the same email address or Facebook account.

Thank you very much for you help.


If anyone is still interested in participating please PM me first.


Hi Lee,

I would be super interested to know the results of the survey!!

I am a yoga instructor myself and would love to know what I can offer my students :slight_smile:

Look forward to hearing from you,

Thank you for sharing this survey opportunity on retreats and offering a $10 gift voucher for Amazon. It's great to see that you value customer feedback and are interested in improving your services. I appreciate that you mentioned Amazon customer service in the survey as it's important for retreat centers to provide exceptional customer service to ensure a positive experience for their clients.