i’m a guy. normally i wear kilts and skirts, unless i’m riding my bike or doing yoga. for yoga, i’ve been wearing “martial arts” pants. they’re reasonable, but not the best for dropping from straight legs into warrior and similar asanas. good enough, i guess.

after on-and-off eczema for the last ten years, it seems like i’ve got a polyester allergy. i was surprised to find out there really is such a thing, and that it’s consistent with eczema. so now i’m going polyester-free, and my martial-arts pants need to go.

i recently bought some 100% cotton “thai fisherman pants”, but they kind of suck for yoga :frowning:

i’m way too self conscious for tights, or anything tight-like.

i need new pants for yoga, but i have NO IDEA what i should even be looking for. any suggestions?



Are you opposed to shorts?


i’m self conscious about exposing any skin above my knees. i can wear “3/4 shorts”, but not regular shorts.


Then you will have to suffer w/pants. Or go with the Kilt, seems doable.


kilt + inversions = not good


Back when I started yoga in 1973 I just wore my Levi's, I only took them off at bedtime.


I use sweat pants or warm up pants.


I had been doing Hot Yoga and wore my thin cotton cargo shorts knee length. When I did regular outdoor or normal temperature Yoga (2015) I did have thin cotton long pants with the elastic cuff that I would pull up to expose the calves but nowadays would just change to my shorts. There was one guy who wore women's leggings with a fancy pattern but I don't think I could ever do that.


I have been enjoying compression socks lately. I wear them all day.