Path of Heart


Time goes by,
like a flower toward Sun,
all rivers go to the Sea.

My hopes and expectations
were not met.
So I thought.
Nothing could be further from the Truth.

A friend gave me a year
of his life.
Something was missing.

An old writings,
old friend’s insight,
everything fell into place.

I am awakened.

Restless I am.
I know,feel more.
Blessed are ignorant.

In the circle of Life,
as Time goes by,
I know.

Be silent.
Walk the Path.
My Path is of Heart.

I searched
and I found.
It was nearby all the time.

Before I was cursing my Life,
now I Bless it.

A new life is born,
it is
a Path of Heart.

My love and my prayers,
to those who guided me.

Dedicated to Suba


So what is this Path of Heart your poem talks about?
How is it
that the heart yearns
hopes for
expects wholeness:
but must be broken
so it can open.

Why is the ignorant blessed?
they live in an illusion searching
hungering for more
but never being filled,
always in want:
what pleasures arise,
bleed into mediocrity
and then
into pain.


This is what we find
in the [U]center[/U] of the Heart.

So tells us,
what is this Path
and does it take us t[U]here[/U]?


I search my feelings
and I look,
which Path has Heart?

Paths without Heart
will make me
curse my life.

Every Path leads nowhere.
But,the Path with Heart
makes me bless my life.


So what is this Path of Heart?

What practices
what thoughts?

Is there a philosophy behind it?

What are the signs when we are on it?

What does it feel like?


The only sure thing in Life is that everything changes .So am I.Having say that,the best I can answer is that I am learning,and will always learn.Myself and my Path are evolving.

So what is this Path of Heart?
-The core of My Path is my own.It is briefly this: I believe that emotions are far more important then thoughts,that emotions are foundation of thoughts. Emotions are connected to every part of the body,soul and mind.With emotions we understand self,receive messages from within and without,connecting with another living entities, touching others,reaching with imagination,travel to distant places.So,I am aware and search my emotions at every moment.This is my Path.

What practices?
-Living in a state of emotional awareness.
It is important to focus on things and thoughts that matters to our life. It is of utmost importance to be healthy.Health is everything in life.Everything else are spices.Mental health particularly.
Inside us are positive and negative feelings = emotions…Those feelings on which we concentrate-enlarge.The following story illustrate this:

"An old Cherokee is telling his granddaughter about a fight that is going on inside himself. He said it is between two wolves. One is evil: Anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. The other is good: Joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. The granddaughter thought about it for a minute and then asked her grandfather, "Which wolf wins?"
The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one I feed.”
-Unknown Author- Native American Story

what thoughts?
-thoughts are secondary to emotions in My Path.Thoughts arises from emotions.

  • no thoughts to search emotions.Thoughts are understand easily when corresponding emotion is discovered.
    -Sometimes I observe thoughts in my meditation:I can pinpoint alien thought in this way.And address it appropriately.
    -daily relaxation is a must.If we don’t like daily relaxation,then emotional harmonizing

Is there a philosophy behind it?
-Besides my own philosophy of water being living entity,and as such deserves attention through emotional search,Religions,Philosophies and people influenced me:
Christianity,Bible,Hinduism,Hermeticism and Buddhism.
Tobias Moore aka Suba,Draja Mickaharic,Carlos Castaneda,Lao Tse, Chris and Daniel Murphy aka Ramose and Veos Daskalodos,Joseph Murphy.Carl Gustav Jung -I use his “synchronicity” in my own way.

What are the signs when we are on it?
-We read people’s core beliefs instantly
-we experience many positive and pleasurable events in regard of our profession or work.In addition,we are joyful and have a feeling that all is fine.Feelings = emotions are important here.If something feels right, or not right,it usually is.
When on the wrong Path, obstacles are frequent,problems,injuries,etc,up to the point to curse your own life.

What does it feel like?
-It feels joyful.


Thank you. I agree - it is Joyful. That is truly one of the signs in my experience as well.

As for emotions/thoughts, can there be one without the other? Can we have an emotion without necessarily having a thought tethered to it and can we have a thought without an emotion arising?

Be Blessed my Friend…


Thank you.

You were my teacher for a full year.Your advices,insights,patience and wisdom moved my inner being toward Light.And as a Teacher and a Friend you are, and always will be, special to me.

Blessed be


This poem speaks to the heart , very wonderful and recognizable. Thank you for putting this here . Keep spreading peace and good feelings!

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When I was Suba’s student,I asked what I can do for him.
He replied :“Cultivate self,bear fruits,share with others”.
And this is exactly what I am doing.