Personal Attacks

I’m seeing a growing number of personal attacks here. When I say personal attacks, I mean, “You are…” not “that is”. For example, “You are a moron” is crossing the line but “that is dumb” is not (though my preference would be to utilize more compassionate words). Each will of course be evaluated on a case by case basis. Sometimes “you’re being X” might be appropriate, especially if done with compassion.

The first time this happens, you’ll get a verbal warning.
The second time you will be banned for one day.
The third time you will be banned for three days.
The fourth time you’ll be banned for three months.

Lot’s of chances because I understand our emotions get the best of us at times. If you make it to the three month ban, it doesn’t mean I think poorly of you. I just feel that maybe some time away from the forum for personal work might be best and you will be welcomed back with open arms after that three months should you desire to join us.

I [B]thoroughly dislike having to implement this[/B] but I’m looking for intelligent, wise, thoughtful and/or passionate discussion. Simple “You are’s” do not add anything to the discourse here. Feel passion and let it ooze all over your posts, but please try to leave the personal attacks out of things.

Posts made previous to this thread do not count, everyone has a fresh slate. As always, you’re welcome to report problem posts.