Pets and yoga

Not the most serious thread, but hey! :wink:

How does your animal react when you do yoga? :smiley: My cat Isola was absolutely horrified when I first started with yoga. She would run around me and scream and seemed to think that I was trying to kill myself or something. At the end of those sessions, when I came down in Savasana, she would come and try to get underneath my hands, wanting me to pet and hug her. Very annoying.

Now, however… She spends “the active stage” of my session sitting in the window, constantly watching me, though with soft eyes, she does not seemed worried anymore. And when I come down to Savasana, she waits until I’ve settled and then she comes and curls up at my side or on my chest. She’s very tiny and moves so slowly and silently that sometimes I hardly even notice that she’s there.

I think it’s so cool that she has such a strong reaction to my practicing yoga. She doesn’t care at all when I do pilates or some other work out at home, then she just curls up in a chair and sleeps. But during yoga, like I said, she watching me, and then joining me in Savasana.

Am I crazy to find this absolutely fascinating? :smiley:


PS: Sorry for the bad, BAD English, my brain is currently on vacation… DS

My dog tries to get on my mat sometimes, or he’ll just sit in front of me and stare. When I first started he would constantly come up to me and try to lick my armpits! Ew!! Now, he pretty much minds his own business on the couch until I’m done.

The cat usually just stays away, but sometimes he comes around rubbing on me for some attention which is annoying, but its not that often.

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