Please Help finding brand of my Yoga Mat

Hello! I'm trying to find out the brand of the yoga mat that I love. I have it for couple of years, and I love it so much that I want to buy another one. The problem is that I can't find it anywhere now, not even a mat with same logo.

I must have bought it in either Dicks/Walmart, I'm not sure. It is very heavy, and very "squishy" that it almost feels "wet". I find all the yoga mat at the store to be somewhat "spongy", even the ones that cost over $100.

My mat does not say the band name, and only have logo on it. (wish I can upload the pic here!) The logo looks like you put two "S" together to make a figure "8", or "infinity sign". It is somewhat narrow mat, and mine is navy with brown logo patch.

Does anyone know this brand? Is it discontinued? Can anyone recommend me "squishy" and heavy mat?

Thank you!!

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Hi there!

We have a great selection of yoga mats on our site, they are all made with eco-friendly TPE material, non-toxic, BPA free. Perfect thickness (squishy) feeling you are looking for.

Hey! Why don't you try out the Liforme mat? I just bought one and honestly it's supportive, non slip, and a good weight - heavy but easy to carry!