Please help me. I'm a victim of ashwini mudra


[QUOTE=deepak_nath;22069]Oh dear,
You got angry tina. At least I explainted that much
and you are blaming me. None else explained so I
felt like doing that for you. And I was just referring
to the main topic of the thread which all should stick to.
This thread is discussing a particular
problem about ashwini mudra and not what ashwini mudra is.
Diverting the thread towards some other topic is not a disciplined

For that purpose you could have started a new
thread altogether.

So now smile and eat some cookies.[/QUOTE]

No need for all the rudeness, Tina asked an innocent question, this is a yoga forum, aspiring yogis who are rude… not the appropriate combination. I think one of the things i’ve learned through yoga is to deal pleasbly with all and to respect everyone’s point of view. Namaste All.


well… if one burnt the finger he should put it under the cold water…

If you assured that you have too much heat in your body - stop making the heat as many of us suggested and do some cooling pranayam (ex. sitali)

cant tell you more without knowing more details.

hope you feel better


Wish ashavin or moolbandh uddyan Bandh and Jalandhar bandh is must to upward that kundalini energy.
You should imiditally start rest two band, you will feel better for physical as well as speritual health. Om shanti