Please help me out!

Dear all,
I’m a student Communication and Multimedia Design from Amsterdam. For an asignment for my course ‘Using Media’ I have to research my target group, yogi who often go to yoga events and or conferences.

With the results I will create a better concept for a yoga website so I would really appreciate if you could fill in this short questionaire.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Do you ever go to any yoga conferences or events, or have you ever been at one?
    A: yes
    B: no

  2. Have you ever been to a conference or event abroad?
    A: yes
    B: no

  3. Do you wish you’d go more often to conferences abroad?
    A: yes
    B: no (go to question 6 )

  4. What’s the reason you don’t go to conferences and events (abroad)? (for instance: money, don’t want to go by myself , hotels are always fully booked etc.)

  5. What should happen to make you go more often to events and conferences?

  6. Would you like to meet other yogi from abroad in real life?
    A: yes
    B: no (go to question 8 )

  7. What would you think of the idea to stay at some other yogi’s house during a conference in stead of booking a hotel?

  8. Do you have any comments? Questions?

Thank you so much for helping me out in my research!!!