Point me to the one who knows

Lao Tzu and Confucius know.



Yes they are strict. Analogy I will stand for. You’ll see how sturdy I am.

In life in :ok_hand: China. I never miss a red beat or a black grip. We always got the nature and the city.

And when I’m kickin in that green pasture they all crumble. Thanks my ambition. Yahtzee!

Are we worried he’s gunna slide out and crawls out the top.

Or the masters may be mystical but they can still know.

We must cherish the virtues of a young body and a mature mind. What is basically life!?

Structured fame networks could have waitlists of personal clutching or cycles style schedules after 3 or 4 great things and then their own grand finally after 10,000 productions of others. This entertainment schedule is a structured prana of social network. Heaven cannot afford bad entertainment. Make movies with Tao Chi sorcery (fractals, kaleidoscopes, sparkles, clouds, elements, sense things, etc.) , sports, meditations, adventures tasks (smelling flower/eating plants), music, art science, praise.

You stoned?

Anything is possible. But there are essential truths…

On a different topic, I think it would be good for it to last 4 or 5 hours as the aftermath of a rubbin