Possible "vacation notice" for private messages here on the forum?

david, is it possible to enable a function like this? where through the forum we can send out autoreplies to incoming private messages?

if it is possible, and not too much effort to enable, i would appreciate this function.

thank you,

It’s not a default function available in this software. Are you aware of any other forums that use such a thing? If so, that means there may be a hack out there we could use.

Another option is to turn off your PM’s by unchecking the receive PM’s box in your usercp and updating your signature and/or user title to reflect that you’re on vacation. Not as good for sure, but better than nothing.

Thank you, David.

I haven’t seen it before, as this is my one and only forum. I was just thinking it would be useful for me right now.

Thank you for checking on it too and for the other suggestions. I am going see what will work best for staying connected, while also trying to stay[I] more[/I] off-line in general, not just in regards to the forum.

Cheers to you,

Kudos to you for going offline more :slight_smile:

It’s not the healthiest habit I have, that’s for sure. Hahah.