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This guy is writing on behalf of - Association for yoga & Meditation (present id and real name - Mahesh). His other ids are - Recardo, Sewak etc. Earlier he used to teach at our center. Now he's simply jealous. Our yoga students last 2 years data is here:

All accusations are baseless. Replying to it doesn't seem to be a good idea. We've always tried to avoid directly naming anybody in our posts.

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Post: Froud Yogi Roshan And Rishikeshyogpeeth
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I have much suspicion regarding Rishikeshyogpeeth and its staff. Their operation, and it is exactly that, is tremendously unfortunate and I would even say criminal because sincere and innocent people are coming from very long distances to learn yoga and they are not getting anything substantial from Rishikeshyogpeeth.The majority of students attending this program are beginner students and due to this they have no prior knowledge of yoga. Roshan is simply taking advantage of his students and wasting 6 weeks of their precious time and money.

Roshan is a business man and a cunning one at that.He is higly knowledgable when it comes to developing his business but he is not a yogi. He has no significant degrees or diplomas in the yoga feild and therefore is unqualified. Ironically however he is now the main teacher of Rishikeshyogpeeth, an organization that furthermore has a criminal record.

I have collected all reports from L I U police regarding Rishikeshyogpeeth and was shocked to discover their involvement in a highly publisized scandal. This involved a female student who was being harrassed by staff members of Rishikeshyogpeeth. When she filed the police report Roshan along with Rishikeshyogpeeth paid off the LIU police in the ammount of 22 lacs rupes ($44,000 US). To make matters worse this money was taken from the students in which Roshan claims to teach.

This matter is common knowledge in Rishikesh seeing it was published in local newspapers in Rishikesh. I have compiled cuttings from these newspapers and can honestlly say female students are not safe in Rishikeshyogpeeth.

To all friends who are genuinely seeking truth on the yogic path Rishikesh is a wonderful and famous place to further your practice but some schools like Rishikeshyogpeeth are exploiting the value of yoga and for that matter the very spiritual essence of Rishikesh.There are many quality places in Rishikesh to complete a teacher training course. Please use your discriminitive powers in which god gave you to choose wisely not just for your own development and for the development of others but also to support those teachers who are truly deserving.


How to deceit , how to cheat and how to fool is best known by so called yoga school Rishikesh Yogpeeth. The worst thing I have ever found is cheating people in the name of spiritual practice of yoga and that too in the holy land of Rishikesh and in the lap of mother Ganga. If false marketing were not enough this school has gone so below their moral ethics that now they are operating under a different name called Abhayaranya. When their fake ness was exposed to all how conveniently they changed the named of school to again fool innocent yoga seekers. This is an utter shame on humanity and also disrespectful for a Holy place like Rishikesh wherein, thousands of yoga seekers come to gain the ancient knowledge in this birthplace of yoga. Who will trust yoga if these people who call themselves as preachers of yoga do such a fraud??? It is rightly said you can run with a lie but you can not hide the truth. It shall surely catch you one day!!! Rishikesh Yogpeeth now known as Abhayaranya. What yamas and niyamas are they gonna preach when they themselves have their foundation of dishonesty. They are not only spoiling the name of yoga but also the name of their country. I feel bad and sad for mother India. To prove my point I have taken a couple of screen shots wherein the school has just handful of reviews and that too with low rating but by FAKE MARKETING they have managed to get 5000 plus reviews and this acts as a source of misguidance for future prospective students . The school you chose to gain knowledge chose wisely and more than that chose wisely your teachers from whom you learn for a student is the reflection of his/her teacher.