Potential candidates in pain: hernia / whiplash


Dear Mukunda,

I would be grateful for some help at rather short notice.

A. For future if you need something quick mark it in subject line. I am usually 2-3 days behind when traveling that can be up to a week.

I will be interviewing two potential case study candidates within the next few days. One lady has double lumbar hernia and is in pain (she had to lie down on the floor during a meeting I attended last week).

The other lady suffers from neck whiplash following a car accident which is causing fatigue and inability to work. She can move her neck a little bit. Seems serious.

My main question right now is:

Q. Is it allowable to do ROM and MT tests on these cases? (cautiously).

A. You must do exam; but it is to be modified for all clients in pain . It can be a visual of JFS with you using tool. That is permitted if they are in too much pain. MT can be done by holding the point in isolation and seeing how many comfortable breaths they can take before stress is felt. Either one would be challenging clients and need commitment. Fortunately we have papers done on both these topics so that can give you much reference already.

I’ll let you know about their commitment to practice, etc. later on. If either case study seems okay I’ll try to find a second person with similar symptoms.

The SYT papers give some recommendations for lumbar hernia. I also have my own experience! So that gives me something to start with.

Q. For lumbar hernia: How do you feel about a prone relaxation position (spine extension) with pad under the pelvis? Or do you prefer the supine position = supported fish pose (pad under pelvis) as given in SYT paper?

I have nothing to go on for whiplash. No SYT paper and no personal experience.

A… I can give you more details in person soon but for now see Arden Pierce and kathy anderson papers on neck pain.

Q. How do you feel about supine relaxation position with pad under shoulders to get slight extension of upper back?

A.         It is fine and safe

Q. Are JFS movements for neck and shoulders okay to do?

 A.              Absolutely.  Just limit the ROM if there is pain.  It is repetition of motions with breathing coordination tha t creates prana; that is what gives freedom from pain.  ROM increasing results from that; it does not arise from trying to move farther in the JFS or asana practice.  Namaste mukunda

Thank you very much. Namast?