Power Yoga on YouTube

My friend just posted some awesome yoga videos to youtube if you're interested in doing yoga from home. Here's his Power Yoga playlist:

And more of a beginner class with an optional intermediate warm-up sequence:

A good collection of yoga videos which have many benefits for those who have hectic schedule and not able to attend regular yoga classes. You have to pay for them once and you can practice at any time of day.
These videos are really very good guide in doing yoga at home.

Power yoga is the fastest growing form of yoga in the United States. The style, which is based in large part on Ashtanga Yoga, is typified by vigorous, athletic poses.
Power yoga is attractive to many because it emphasizes strength and flexibility, two attributes that are appealing in athletes and executives alike. But it also appeals to many because of the physical intensity of the class. We think of yoga as a relaxing activity, but power yoga is anything but.
Power yoga has some attractive features. First, it relieves stress. The movements, which involve deep stretching, are strenuous, and most people report feeling more relaxed after the class than before. Second, many power yoga classes offer a more strenuous workout than most people find in other forms of exercise. And third, power yoga is scalable. People of all skill levels can take the class.

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