Practicing at Home without Videos


Salutations Yogis,

I have been practicing at home for a couple of years, some times more often than others. I have a hard time doing a session without the guide of a video. I can remember some short sequences after watching it a couple times, and might do them on my own here and there. But if I am doing a session any longer than 20 minutes, I usually put a video on.

I am wondering, what are some benefits from practicing solo, without a video? Do you notice any differences, positive or negative?

I am also wondering how you come up with sequences when you are not watching a video...Do you watch videos and write them down? Do you memorize a sequence or read a list while doing it? Where do you find the sequences?

The only times I have solo flowed, I pretty much just made it up as I went because I find the process of coming up with a sequence overwhelming. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, did anything help?

Any tips, comments, or just general experiences that you want to share are welcomed!

Thank You (:


Nothing wrong practicing solo but it is advisable to learn from master in initial phase because master or guru can observe and tell if you are on right path or no.

in case if you spend good amount of time practicing and after that if you realize you were on wrong track then the time spent may go underutilized.

In my opinion initially both solo and practice under guidance are required so that you can clarify your doubts on right time.


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I actually spent my first year in a studio, but it is not economically feasible right now. Of course I am still (and always will be) learning. But I feel that I am at the stage that I can go solo sometimes, without even the guidance of a video. I am just struggling with that transition, primarily in terms of making my own sequences.