Pranayam Questions

I need an urgent advise about pranayama.

I am suffering from acid reflux(GERD). This is mostly related to vata dosha and vagus nerve weakness. . To cure this, among other things
I been practicing the following pranayama and build up slowly to the following level and sequence

Deep breathing - 21 breaths

Anuloma Viloma - 3 rounds , 5 breath each nostril

Brahmari - 21 breaths

Bhastrika - 3 rounds, 10 breaths each, low pumping

Kapalaphati - 3 rounds , 5 breaths each, low pumping

Last week while doing Brahmari I started sweating. Latern on after Pranayama when i started doing Heart(Hrudaya Mudra) my heart beat went up and slight breathing issues.
Now even few deep breaths makes me sweat and other ones I cannot do as pressure builds up in the head.

I stopped all pranayama. Please advise me how to start is again ?
Thank you so much

Pranayama is an ancient science of breathing. It has been practiced for thousands of years in India, China, and other parts of the world. Pranayama is a way to improve the quality of your life.

The benefits of pranayama include:

  • Improved memory by strengthening your brain cells;

  • Balanced energy levels;

  • Clear mind;

  • Better digestion;

  • Stronger immunity;

  • Higher self-confidence;