Pranayama teacher and breathwork insctructor course

I would like to invite all of you that want to deepen their yoga practice to one of the most extensive Breathwork & Pranayama courses online.

Breathwork and Pranayama are the powerful tools to improve your mental and physical health. More and more scientific studies have proven mental benefits like stress reduction, insomnia prevention, and emotion control as well as physical benefits like pain relief and a boost to the immune system. This is why Breathwork and Pranayama practice is becoming so popular right now.

In this extensive course, you will learn all 15 powerful Pranayama techniques, learn how to strengthen the mind, and to meditate. Overall you will get a sound understanding of the workings of your mind and emotional system.

You can do this online breathwork and pranayama course here

Or if you want you can do the Breathwork Instructor course if you want to deepen your practice