PRE/POSTNatal Teacher Training Course


To all the Pretty Ladies of Bangalore...
Gather at the Yoga Kulam’s Teacher Training Course and learn the art of comfortable birth-giving. Yoga Kulam is coming up with a PRE/POSTNatal Teacher Training Course! Become a certified teacher in 10 days. The class commences on the 25th of November 2019.
Yoga Kulam is a well-renowned yoga school from Rishikesh, The world capital of Yoga. It is known for teaching authentic yoga and has been in existence for many years. This course will improve your credibility as a yoga instructor and a yoga practitioner in general. You can also get discounts up to 5000 by referring the course to your friends and family.
Help your friends, family and dear ones go through this phase by relaxing and staying fit through yoga!!! Register Now!
Venue: Yoga Dodo, Yoga Studio in HNR Towers above Udupi Palace, 24th Main Road, HSR Sector 2, Bangalore.