Prenatal Question - Twisted Chair


I took a yoga class yesterday and did both lying down spinal twists and twisted chair. I felt off the whole time so I took a pregnancy test this morning. Well now I know why I felt off! My question is if doing this pose can have real serious consequences to the baby so early on. Of course I see online it's the main one to avoid and am just absolutely worried sick over this. Any insight?


Insight: your emotional state, not the physical activities you do is most affecting the growing being within you. Take care to FEEL GOOD about anything you are doing, and choose not to do anything that feels off. Today's paradigm in science would have you believe there is a RIGHT and WRONG choice for pregnant women. If you look at the different ways human beings across the globe handle pregnancy, you will see there is no such thing as true for every woman. Trust yourself. You'll know. If the twists feel off, don't do them. But don't worry about it :slight_smile:


there is an excellent video by Bruce Lipton the biology of belief and in the last part he specifically talks about fetuses. link here


Thanks so much for your response! Greatly appreciated :heart:


1st Congratulation to your pregnancy.
If you are worry about the pose you did, try do more gentle pose or join the prenatal yoga if there is any at your area.
Be a happy mum to be .