Prenatal Yoga and YTT


hello :slightly_smiling_face: i just wanted to ask for some advice i want to do a prenatal yoga course but i dont know where to go... most courses only allow if you have previous 200 ytt, i have been looking at some schools in rishikesh india, which seem good but i am worried its a long way to go for a week. i also am really intrested in doing baby yoga but again you have to have previous experience.. wheres the best place to start? i am self taught and have been to many yoga classes but have no certification, i just want to gain experience but with qualifications, i am currently 16 weeks pregnant!

love and light


I am trying this program that was referred by my college coach and so far I am impressed, check it out let me know what you think?


Right now only focus on your health and the health of baby. You can go for a walk daily and avoid any travel.