Prenatal Yoga and YTT

hello :slightly_smiling_face: i just wanted to ask for some advice i want to do a prenatal yoga course but i dont know where to go... most courses only allow if you have previous 200 ytt, i have been looking at some schools in rishikesh india, which seem good but i am worried its a long way to go for a week. i also am really intrested in doing baby yoga but again you have to have previous experience.. wheres the best place to start? i am self taught and have been to many yoga classes but have no certification, i just want to gain experience but with qualifications, i am currently 16 weeks pregnant!

love and light

I am trying this program that was referred by my college coach and so far I am impressed, check it out let me know what you think?

Right now only focus on your health and the health of baby. You can go for a walk daily and avoid any travel.

Hi Christina!

First of all, you must think about you and your baby and follow your doctor's exercise and diet plan. It’s great though you thought of learning prenatal yoga and no place is better than India to learn yoga traditionally. If your doctor allows you to travel and come to Rishikesh, India, I would recommend you Ekattva Yogshala, which is one of the best places to learn prenatal yoga.

Here’s their contact link! You can get your queries answered here!

Becoming a mother is the most beautiful thing in the world. Giving birth is definitely not an easy task and the mother needs utmost care before and after pregnancy. Now enjoy prenatal & postnatal yoga therapy at home with a qualified professional from Yoga Dodo. Our
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Pregnancy may be an emotionally and physically demanding time, and yoga has been demonstrated to be beneficial to pregnant women. Prenatal Yoga is a wonderful method to prepare for childbirth and beyond.

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What Will You Learn?

Here is an overview of what you will learn in this 85-Hour Online Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course

  • Pregnancy yoga and it's benefits

  • Yogic philosophy for pregnant women

  • How to prepare class materials and use props?

  • Fundamentals of pregnancy-specific anatomy

  • Advanced adjustments for pregnancy asanas

  • The different hormonal stages

  • How to build a class for different body types?

  • Asana modifications and variations

  • Safety guidelines for specific pregnancy issues

  • Proper use of props during pregnancy

  • Advanced sequencing

  • Hands-on assists during pregnancy

  • Special relaxation and breathing exercises
    Business aspects of prenatal yoga