Present ideas for my yoga girlfriend?


My girlfriend is 29 and into yoga she teaches and is generally an all round mini dalai lama etc.

I always struggle to think of present ideas (I guess shes not really too material) but yeah shes still human so loves a good pressie!

Just wondered if anyone could recommend ideas for presents that I could get her for Christmas?



…hmmm…cook dinner for her? Give her a massage? Do her laundry? Make her feel loved? Sing her a song? Think about what you would want to do for her if you no longer had her, and do it.


I like the ideas of Siva and Siro. How about a weekend yoga retreat? If she isnt material I have no other ideas. Good luck!

All great ideas from some smart people I would add
Looks her in the eyes and tell her you love her
you and her are lucky sounds like harmony to me imho

haha these are some great suggestions the yoga retreats are good. I already tell her I love her etc thats the easy one, the hard one is coming up with actual present ideas!

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Does she like yoga DVDs? A gift certificate to (an excellent site) or some other retailer of your choice. Do you have a local bookstore that specializes in alternative/women’s/yoga/etc. type books for a gift certificate there? Gift certificate to the local health food store that she might frequent. Gift certificate to The Body Shop or a gift basket from there.

Scented, unscented, or beeswax candles (burns cleaner) to use while she practices or meditates. A nice oil diffuser (you light a teallight in it and it heats essential oils to scent the room) or an ultrasonic aroma diffuser (works with water instead of flame). Or some other type of scent diffuser (try a candle store).

generally an all round mini dalai lama?

Why not a contritbution to a charity his holiness supports?

Or a adopt a goat? Lots of agencies on line, you can pick one that vibes with you if adopting the goat wouldn’t violate any of your or her ethics.

I like the yoga retreat if you can afford it, if not, make an effort to turn or find a yogic space and run a little class for her. Something fun like mindful eating or such, then fill the space with some of her favourite sense stimulations, sounds, smells, touches, tastes.

Good luck with your choices, why not let us know what you did?


A workshop or private with her “favorite” teacher?

Hi ravey_davey,

How about some custom print yoga mat towels? I just started printing colorful designs and patterns on yoga towels that are really similar to Manduka’s. You can print her fave pose, phrase, or even photo right on the towel.

I have a project started up here if you want to check it out - its at
She can use the towel and think of you each time :slight_smile:

Does she like crystals or minerals?
How about a nice tibetain bowl, or crystal bowl?
How about some nice essential oils and dispenser?

I’ve asked by boyfriend to get me a cork Yoga brick and a new roll mat :), a girl in my Yoga class has got a cork brick and she says they’re so much better than wooden ones because they’re slightly softer and lighter to use this site’s got some good accessories and stuff that are pretty cheap, I’ve used them before and they’re pretty quick as well -

A yoga retreat sounds amazing too if you’ve got the time and money.

A yurt? :lol:

Ha Ha, a yurt would be awesome - I want one in my garden. Maybe get her some nice yoga clothes for her lessons? Every girl loves new clothes

a yoga swing

If she is into gardening and does her own herb, maybe a way to turn them into in essential oils. Then she could make her own. I know there are kits and books out there.

vegetarian cookbook?

Donate money to a charity like on her behalf.

Get her a neti pot
Cheers If she does not have one

Nobody knows this better than you :slight_smile: If I didn't had any single idea about what to present to a close friend, I'd consider a gift card or something. Shop your way card might be very useful, too (here is shop your way customer service for better understanding what it is).