Prison Yoga, Trauma-Informed Yoga Training

Yoga Through the Lens of Trauma and Incarceration

The Prison Yoga Project ( in collaboration with The Space to Breathe Collective ( is offering a special training for yoga teachers interested in sharing practices with people who have been impacted by trauma, including the incarcerated.

This unique training involves a total of 22 hours - 8 hours of online study and preparation prior to the 14 hours of in-person training. The course will include:

•A review of the UK’s philosophies of justice and prison system
•A clear understanding of the socio-economic, racial, and class disparities common among incarcerated people and how they contribute to trauma and criminal behavior.
•Self-reflection of one's own perceptions or conditioning that might inhibit the effectiveness of sharing the potential benefits of yoga with incarcerated people.
•The differences between retributive and restorative justice and their influence in the criminal justice system.
•PYP’s evidence-based pedagogy and distinct approach to teaching yoga for mental and behavioral health issues.
•Instruction in specific asana, pranayama, meditation, and other embodiment practices proven beneficial for addressing unresolved symptoms of trauma.
•Strategies for establishing yoga programs in correctional centers, rehabilitation facilities, and for marginalized communities.

WHERE: The Space to Breathe Collective, 6 Hotel Street, Leicester, England.

Saturday, September 9, and Sunday, September 10: 9:30-12:30; 13:30-17:30

COST £260 ..... Scholarships are available

Thank you for your interest!
Geoff O'Meara