Problem with handstands


Hello everybody :blush:
I started practising yoga as self-taught in february by following youtube tutorials and various apps.
I have to say that I have always been very flexible and yoga has improved a lot my flexibility .
I am 28 and I got my front splits in only 3 weeks or so.
I dont have issues with backbends neither with difficult asanas involving flexibility.
My real issue is with armbalances (even if i am working on it and I am getting better and can properly hold 8 angle pose) and unsupported handstands/forearmstands. I can perform an handstand on walls (as everyone else i guess) but as I get away from the wall, I can only mantain it for 1 second before having to come back with my foot on the wall.
With time and practice I learnt to keep only my tiptoe or bigtoe on wall for a decent amount of time, but again as I get off the wall I lose balance.
Will I ever be able to do a free handstand?
Is it cause my arms are too weak so I need to do some excercises for arm strenght?


yes you will be able to do it very soon.

Try Crow pose and retain for longer time. This will give best balancing sense on your wrists.

This way very soon you can achieve handstand. All the best.


Ya generally hand stand male can do easily but female is taking time it's because our hand,wrist and core power is not strong as them.You need to increase that three thing try to do puss ups everyday at-least 10-20 time and increase your core power too. When core power will increase it will help you to lift your body up easily and not let it fall down easily. It will take time but have patience


Yoga also increase your strength and it also allows you to improve flexibility. Everybody face the various issues while performing the handstand. If you are not maintain your balance while doing the headstand, then give sometime to your body. If you regular do the headstand, then your body will adapt that.


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Hi KikyoMoon, I love hearing that you're trying handstands. I've found that it's very important to warm up my forearms and shoulders before going right into handstands. So, I start by doing downward dog, table pose, rocking crow, and crow. Those get my forearms and shoulders warmed up.

Also, when I was first learning, I did a bunch of drills. For instance, starting on my feet. Then going to my hands for just long enough to get my feet in the air. It was so hard at first. I fell all the time. Eventually, after daily practice, it became easier and easier. I found myself holding my feet in the air longer and longer. But the consistent daily practice was key. Now I can hold them for 30 seconds or longer and can even do a decent scorpion handstand.

Finally, watch videos on youtube and instagram. You'll see how other people get into a handstand. Some from downward dog, others one-legged, others push-up. Good luck and have fun!