Purusa - Prakriti and the Self


Q - With regards to meditation and spriritual study. My insight the other day, and I’m not sure if it’s accurate or not is that most of Patanjali’s sutras II2 - II28 is about purusha (siva, pure consciousness) and prakriti (shakti, divine mother). That the seen is prakriti and the seer is purusha. That everything comes from purusha and that everything is prakriti - the manifest universe - everything that is not purusha- from the gunas through to the elements through to all that is. We are veiled from prakriti by the ego-sense of individualism (hence the cause of suffering and effects of karma) so we then realise that we are prakriti who’s purpose is to unite with purusha while experiencing and enjoying all that is the prakriti’s play (through the senses). Since prakriti comes from purusha everything is actually one and the goal is to return to that state of completeness which we do through meditation on that oneness (purusha).

        A - Lovely insight into Yoga Sutras.  Vasistha?s Yoga which says it is different all comes from serendipity and remains there.  No causation of this world means no creator just is as Brahman or the Self and has never changed in spite of the illusion of a world, like a mirage it is unreal this world.