Qi-Yo (Yoga and Qi-Gong) Workshop in NYC

Beyond Yoga presents:

[B]Qi-Yo Workshop in NYC, hosted by Swami Agung

[B]About Qi-Yo
[/B]The ?Qi Yo? method is not only an attempt to amalgamate traditional Indian Yoga with Chinese ?Qi-​Gong? and ?Tai-​Chi?, it goes even further and combines ?Daoist Yoga? with ?Reiki?, Indonisian based ?Maksha Instant Enlightenment? technique with ?Zen? practices, ?Latihan? liberation method with ?Vipassana? walking meditation, the ?Whirling dervish trance dance? with ?Emryonic breathing?; ?Esoteric Healing? with ?Body-​mind Centering? and ?Theosophy? with Psychodrama and ?Theatrical thera*py?.

[B]Workshop outline
12:15pm ? 1:00pm Qi-Gong Meditation, Energy balancing and cleansing
1:00pm ? 2:00pm Theory and explanation of techniques for changing internal and external magnetic fields
2:00pm ? 2:15pm Break
2:15pm ? 3:30pm Yoga asanas practice
3:30pm ? 4:00pm Mantra Chanting. Discussion of Power Mantras and their role in the Qi-Yo system
4:00 ? 5:00pm Lecture on parallel Universes, Qi Energy, Yoga
Ending Meditation

123 4th Ave, 2nd Floor, New York, United States

Cost is $70
To register, please visit beyond-yoga.com