Question about beginner home routine


Hi there,
I started learning Yoga by my own at home, tried some poses and checked what i can do and what is a little difficult to me.
I have to mention that i am not flexible at all.
I built to my self a daily routine and i would like to hear your opinion and maybe get advice for improvement or changing.
My daily routine currently taking 20-30 minutes.

The list is ordered by the first pose i start with till the last one:

Goddess Pose (1-2 minutes)
Supported Reclined Bound Angle Pose (10 minutes)
Bridge Pose (2-3 minutes)
Child Pose (3-5 minutes)
Cobra Pose (1 minutes)
Wind Reliving Pose (2 minutes)
Bound Angle Pose (2-3 minutes)
Supported Garland Pose , this one i do especially for helping me with my premature ejaculation (2-3 minutes)

Thanks in advance!


The Sun Salutation is a good all rounder, you can do many of these. There are many variations and can be modified to your ability.

From the Garland pose you can practice the Crow.

From Goddess pose you can transition in Warrior 2 and then Warrior 1 and High Lunge.

Add some balancing poses like Tree.

Planks are very good and variations.


The crow seems a very difficult to me right now, i have to try some things which will help me before.
I will definitely try the warrior pose and some balancing pose, and planks as well.
Thanks !!


My 1st Yoga teacher would say "it's not the poses you find easy but the hard ones you should be practicing". I've know some who just like to do easy peasy Yoga when really they should be working on skills.


Hi Lawolf, this is really nice that you have your yoga routine. And I have some advice so that you can make your routine better.

First, you should start with Sun Salutation, 5 rounds (both sides). It will make your muscle loose. Then you do Head-to-knee pose (1 min for each side) and after that, you do Forward Bending (1-2m) for making your legs flexible (thigh, cough muscle) and Boat Pose which is good for core and back. Also, adding Cat Pose for upper back.

Because as I see in your list, you don't have enough poses for your whole body and for your flexibility.