Question about yoga mats

I have been using the same mat frequently for the last 7 months or so. I recently noticed that it lost its stickiness, so I scrubbed it yesterday hoping to restore it to its original tackiness. It is still slick today. :frowning:

Does anyone know if it can be returned to a more useful state?


for sure :wink: I always wash mine with a natural citrus cleaner. I spray it on, scrub it with a brush and then wipe it off with a clean dry cloth.


I use a small amount of kitchen cleaner (one that is good for removing grease) with a soft scrubbing brush. Rinse very well with warm to hot water and then allow to dry completely. The real trick is not to use too much for the soap/spray as you need to wash it off completely. Also best to use a shower spray rather than immersing the mat in water.

Good luck!

I just throw mine in the washing machine
Cold water, natural LIQUID detergent
Hang over the shower bar to dry…

This works for me
as just spraying something and wiping it down…

Thank you all for the input. I will try your suggestions. I also glad that I probably won’t have to buy a new mat. :slight_smile:

I, too, have heard that putting a mat in the washing machine works best for PVC mats.

(I now have a rubber Jade Harmony mat and just wash it with water.)

I plan to bring all the PVC mats at my studio home and try the washing machine trick!


RIght, I do it with my PVC mats that I use for private class groups. I have a Jade mat as well and haven’t had to clean it yet (-:

How GREAT is the Jade mat?! I love mine.

I wish they were cheaper so that I could use them at the studio. Budget doesn’t permit at this stage!

I fugure with as many times a week that I teach I deserve a decent mat, yes? It would be lovely if studios could have them for students, but then classes would cost more! I think it’s just so important for studios and gyms to wash mats weekly. Sometimes I even have to bring them home and wash them, just in case.

I agree. Rubber mats are so much safer (non-toxic) and nicer to practise on. And I don’t want my classes to be more expensive, so PVC it is for now!

I have encouraged most of my students to own their own mats. We now include a yoga mat in the cost of the beginners course. Hygenically and energetically, it’s nice for people to use their own. Consequently, the studio mats don’t get so much use and I don’t have to wash them so often!

I have the manduka black mat. As I said before I wash mine with a natural citrus cleaner but I just notice on their website that they also sale all kinds of cleaners:

anyone ever tried those?