Question on Pranayama / Sleep Apnea


I suffer from Sleep Apnea and based on certain readings from the web, I decided to do the following Pranayama techniques. I did this for a month and half and i have mixed results and I am not seeing any major results atleast in sleeping pattern. Moreover, I am getting like Insomnia. Wondering if I am not doing it right. Any pointers will help. I live in Toronto and would be willing to train under any Pranayama guru and hence recommend if you know someone:

  1. Anuloma Viloma - I do this for about 6 sets (left / Right) and some days 12 sets in the morning once I wake up around 7.30 AM - 4 seconds breathe-in, 16 seconds hold, 8 seconds breathe out and 8 second hold. I do this along with Aina bandha. Though, its advised that I should do this without any sound, I find it difficult to control the sound but can work on it. I have good control of holding breadth and I moved quickly to this 1:4:2:2 ratio in a few days of starting this technique. Should I avoid this and go to 1:1 ratio and no holding of breadth without any sounds and practice this more comfortably?

  2. Ujjayi Pranayama - I do this 5 times while I walk in a park in the morning and also along with Bikram yoga poses (26 poses except Kapalbhasti). I do this in the evening around 7PM. For each pose, I try to do 3/4 Ujjayi breathing. Again, I make Ujjayi breathing sounds when I do the breathing. Though in one of the web readings, I found like one should not make any sound in Ujjayi pranayama breathing. I do this with Ajna bandha whenever possible.

  3. Kapalbhasti - This I do for 2-3 mins depending on the energy level of the day. I do with Agna bandha

  4. Bhagya bhanda - This I do for 10 times once I am done with Anuloma viloma in the morning. I release the bhanda by breathing in alternate nostrils (once in left with right closed and once in right with left closed - 5 times each)

I have some mixed energy levels and feelings. I am wondering if I am doing things right … is it too early to see any results… etc.

I am looking for only Pranayama focussed teaching and unfortunately all things I could find around focusses on Hatha / Bikram / Ashtanga and not Pranayama focusssed. I am also planning to visit India shortly and any guru in India is also of great help to me.



Coming from a sleep technologist’s perspective; CPAP works.


You need to prepare the body with asana before starting pranayama. It’s like trying to plug too many devices into one electrical socket - eventually you blow a fuse. You are lucky only to have experienced a little insomnia.

If you are determined to pursue pranayama then I would suggest you find a teacher trained in the tradition of Dr Swami Gitananda - it’s not exclusively breathing practices but you may like it.


You need asana and pranayama both along with change in food and lifestyle. I have fixed such issues of my students in the past. You can find testimonial of this on my page

search for Insomnia word.


couple of days on no yoga did not give me a great difference as well… however I tried picking a lot of vitamin c based fruits accidentally and I am pretty good…
I might stick with astanga yoga asanas for now until I get some Thirumoolar based Yoga teacher… Is there anyone in Toronto who can teach in that method…



Your sequence seems to be incorrect.
Follow this : Start with Deep Breathing for 2 min. to energise, follow with Kapalbhati 3-10 mins as comfortable, then bhagya with 3 bandhs for 3-5 times 5-10 seconds per bandh., then Anulom Vilom for same duration as Kapalbhati.
Follow the above sequence in empty stomach.
Further after the above u can do Bhramari 3-10 times followed by Aum Chanting 3-10 times ending it with Silent Aum Dhyan for 1-3 mins.
Increase duration with practise not at once.
Im sure this will help in any kind of problems.


Its been 5 years. Can you share your journey out of sleep Apnea. Your experience will be of great help for my wife. Will look forward to your reply. Thank you!