I am going for walk.
So much pressure.
There is not many people outside,
it is almost midnight.

No lights in the streets,
happens often.
Moonlight is refreshing and calm.
Such a wonderful night.

Sudden hit in my back…
I fell like a water drop from the leaf.
No pain,nothing.

They came,two of them,
their fingers swiftly searched my pockets,
examined my trousers,
took 5 bucks I had-I laughed within,-

One kicked me in my thigh,objecting his bad fortune-
-One can’t make a livin’ robbing people,
so many poor.Let’s get out of here.-

I can’t move.
Bullet in the spine.

My past life is not going by my eyes.
It would be nice to see dawn
one more time.I like blue.

I shouted!

“Be quiet Ramirez.
Stupid parrot.
I’ll get you nuts later”.

I look at my wings-nice feathers,

I know who I am.
I am a parrot.
I live in the cage.
My name is Ramirez.


I don’t have an option to edit.
Last line is “I want to break free”.