Raquel Welch Total Fitness Yoga VHS on DVD? (Full Bikram Sequence?)

Has anyone seen now out of print ‘Raquel Welch Total Beauty and Fitness’ VHS? Made around 1984. Apparently considered one of the best and includes basic to advanced material. If you search reviews for it on Amazon, other places it is rated very high often 5 out of 5.

Also heard it contains the full Bikram Yoga sequence the only release out there to do so (?), Bikram sued Raquel in the 80’s over this claiming the sequence is his, it was settled out of court. Sadly due to that fact it is unlikely to ever get a DVD release, or Bikram will launch another lawsuit. Raquel studied with Bikram and others for years before doing the book & video; she does very advanced postures etc so not just a celeb knowing the basics and trying to cash in.

The book of the same name is easy to obtain, which I have but the video is meant to have a lot more and easier to follow.

Anyone have a transfer of it on DVD? Message me I’ll buy or trade for it.


It sounded like a treasure hunt and I immediately found stories ranging from Bikram being broken hearted at her betrayal after years of study to a rumour that he actually sued her out of her mansion.

I’ve seen some comments on the vid being exceedingly rare and yet Amazon lists 8 copies and one new with the used ones for as low as 8 bucks.

Is this not what you are looking for?


Thanks for response. That must be Amazon in U.S. where I am it lists it but far more expensive even for used copies. Besides I do not now own a video/VCR , would have to buy one just to play it; and used copies may be well worn the tapes were released in 1984!

Some people I’m sure have transferred it to DVD using professional service for best quality or even software at home, if anyone has it on DVD in good quality please message me.

Regarding Bikram suing Raquel, he did indeed and it was settled out of court; I heard too he won millions from it but don’t think either party have said officially how much, etc - probably part ofthe out of court settlement to keep quiet about it.

From reviews Raquel’s tape is meant to be exceptionally good, and does basic to very advanced material.

I just sent you a private msg…

I would never usually recommend this but I assume she can’t profit from the video anymore… the video is available as a torrent download if you know how to do that.

I thought of making my VHS tape of Raquel into a DVD and took it to one store in NYC that does those things. Unfortunately the man at the store told me there was something on the tape that blocked it from being copied.

I haven't tried any where else. Now I am considering getting a new VHS player. The tape is that good.

Actually I made a copy of my vhs...to DVD and I was told that just so long that I didn't make money out of it it was ok to copy Welch's TB workout..Birkram is a fugitive and has fled to India...unlikely to have any power to do much to anyone if anyone is coping it....if interested ....for postage and handling...i can make copies no charge..the DVD is for area4 Australia...not sure how you would convert for other areas......but check out youtube the whole session can be viewed!

It is Bikram sequence with a shoulder stand added. Bikram sued her for book. He won or settled for book. He could not sue for video tape because Bikram did not have a video that she could copy. Raquel acknowledged Bikram in book. But the acknowledgement was placed on the line after she acknowledged her dog named Chat. So I remember that as a cause of annoyance for Bikram to say the least.