Recognizing examples of yin and yang

If I’m giving information about life by learning experience through a teachers notes or my own experiences then it is not as safe because it is bitter on earth now and the beings are prone to depression. Only a teacher who knows continuous full is possible can teach that one who is… like Nithyananda said in emc vid. So we must be still wise and remember to empty our cup and reknow from the beginning to the ultimate. I read Confucius taught that when meditating wisdom is found through birth heaven studying crossing the great water contemplation some imitation and while being strong for experience. Always follow the essentials for core philosophy in the sanyas post.

I read Confucius taught a different answer to each of two students. One was shy and was told to go forth and lead their way. The other was hotheaded and was told to check that way with their other role models before whatever goods.
A lot, one who is hotheaded is near arrogance and one who is shy is near ignorance. Ignorance is really also a problem as arrogance and vise versa.

This is what I learned from celebrity fighters and whatnot.

These may of course lead as subjective to their styles as not necessarily chosen.

He is a fighter that is yin and yang he is Ukrainian and Russian. He was stoic nigh shy and intense. He did not go to the ufc and all but was still a professional fighter. He was immensely filled with special experience and served the government.

Jet li:
He is a priest celebrity and benefits from the yang so he can find his yin.

Shaolin Master:
He is a celebrity priest and benefits from us being yin so he can find his yang.

He is a yogi Guru who is yin and benefits from yang.

Jackie Chan:
He is a celebrity that is cherished and is Yang so we give him the yin.

Michelle crouches in the bushes and if she’s flyin she’s lyin. I’m j000king. Rrrayer.

In Buddha land with all good sentient beings: look it’s a qirin, it’s a tiger, it’s a dragon!

Shanti shanti shanti om om om. Be blessed.

If you want to have great harmony pee it alone and then poop it out of their expectations. Not necessarily when your pooping and peeing out of your body…

the lifestyle and meditation style post, remember.? All is one.

Om mani padme hum. On a mission. Jewel in the lotus 🪷 pearl in the shell.

Everyone would be good to, in the wildest of things, which is, not letting the universe repeat to the example that any being on this earth who was born would be born and live the life considerably recognizable as the same in the time of the universe and also grand source before. We must help the universe prevent evil by teaching/learning and resting/working. Also, if there is lagging, to bless the loving\blissful prana and energies. Also to bless what is Immortally good always. I’m repeating, :fu::kiss:, strength is the conservative richness. In the heroic path now evil as a frequency in time is actually a lie.
Have a nice life. :soccer::ping_pong::badminton::golf:🪬

Always pray for the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and cherish virtuousness like Confucius. See night as day. And there are essential truths. There are teachings good for our greatness, 8 precepts etc; and teachings good for our ungreatness (lack of ability as people), Ten Commandments. Remember there are the four Nobel truths for us; timing/aligning/testing/practice makes perfect. Happiness every instant forever is the final goal.

We’re trying to tell you to be raw vegan. We’re not trying to make you confident by telling you that we want you to keep killing them and exploiting them and destroying the earth by them because we are addicted to suffering and you’re doing it nicer. Be strong. You know who you are.
Om mani padme hum.

We must be vegan to human and non human. Vegan in its traditional meaning while also meaning all of the essentials on the sanyas post. Do not sacrifice essentials that give perfect happiness. Our heavenly body is the main essential primary goal so it is urgent for all beings to achieve it’s significance as what is our actual body plainly.

Tip method for people that are born in the past for perfection. Manifest your prana and it’s time alignments from when you were younger than five. that is when I think people are a lot more undefeated now.

Yin and yang are complementary concepts in Chinese philosophy that represent opposite yet interconnected forces or principles. They are often depicted as two halves of a circle, with yin being the dark, passive, and feminine aspect, and yang being the bright, active, and masculine aspect. Here are some examples of yin and yang:


  • Darkness: Nighttime, shadows, moonlight
  • Rest and relaxation: Sleep, meditation, gentle yoga
  • Femininity: Nurturing, receptivity, intuition
  • Coolness: Cold temperatures, calmness
  • Softness: Gentle touch, comfort, flexibility
  • Earth: Solidity, stability, grounding
  • Water: Stillness, depth, tranquility


  • Light: Daytime, sunshine, brightness
  • Activity: Exercise, vigorous yoga, sports
  • Masculinity: Assertiveness, action-oriented, logic
  • Heat: Warm temperatures, passion, energy
  • Strength: Power, intensity, firmness
  • Heaven: Expansiveness, growth, dynamic energy
  • Fire: Passion, transformation, ambition

It's important to note that yin and yang are not absolute or static categories, but rather represent relative qualities that exist in relationship to each other. They are interconnected and can transform into one another, creating a dynamic balance. In various aspects of life, these contrasting forces can be observed and understood through the lens of yin and yang.