Recognizing examples of yin and yang

If I’m giving information about life by learning experience through a teachers notes or my own experiences then it is not as safe because it is bitter on earth now and the beings are prone to depression. Only a teacher who knows continuous full is possible can teach that one who is… like Nithyananda said in emc vid. So we must be still wise and remember to empty our cup and reknow from the beginning to the ultimate. I read Confucius taught that when meditating wisdom is found through birth heaven studying crossing the great water contemplation some imitation and while being strong for experience. Always follow the essentials for core philosophy in the sanyas post.

I read Confucius taught a different answer to each of two students. One was shy and was told to go forth and lead their way. The other was hotheaded and was told to check that way with their other role models before whatever goods.
A lot, one who is hotheaded is near arrogance and one who is shy is near ignorance. Ignorance is really also a problem as arrogance and vise versa.

This is what I learned from celebrity fighters and whatnot.

These may of course lead as subjective to their styles as not necessarily chosen.

He is a fighter that is yin and yang he is Ukrainian and Russian. He was stoic nigh shy and intense. He did not go to the ufc and all but was still a professional fighter. He was immensely filled with special experience and served the government.

Jet li:
He is a priest celebrity and benefits from the yang so he can find his yin.

Shaolin Master:
He is a celebrity priest and benefits from us being yin so he can find his yang.

He is a yogi Guru who is yin and benefits from yang.

Jackie Chan:
He is a celebrity that is cherished and is Yang so we give him the yin.

Michelle crouches in the bushes and if she’s flyin she’s lyin. I’m j000king. Rrrayer.

In Buddha land with all good sentient beings: look it’s a qirin, it’s a tiger, it’s a dragon!

Shanti shanti shanti om om om. Be blessed.

If you want to have great harmony pee it alone and then poop it out of their expectations. Not necessarily when your pooping and peeing out of your body…

the lifestyle and meditation style post, remember.? All is one.

Om mani padme hum. On a mission. Jewel in the lotus 🪷 pearl in the shell.

Everyone would be good to, in the wildest of things, which is, not letting the universe repeat to the example that any being on this earth who was born would be born and live the life considerably recognizable as the same in the time of the universe and also grand source before. We must help the universe prevent evil by teaching/learning and resting/working. Also, if there is lagging, to bless the loving\blissful prana and energies. Also to bless what is Immortally good always. I’m repeating, :fu::kiss:, strength is the conservative richness. In the heroic path now evil as a frequency in time is actually a lie.
Have a nice life. :soccer::ping_pong::badminton::golf:🪬

Always pray for the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and cherish virtuousness like Confucius. See night as day. And there are essential truths. There are teachings good for our greatness, 8 precepts etc; and teachings good for our ungreatness (lack of ability as people), Ten Commandments. Remember there are the four Nobel truths for us; timing/aligning/testing/practice makes perfect. Happiness every instant forever is the final goal.

We’re trying to tell you to be raw vegan. We’re not trying to make you confident by telling you that we want you to keep killing them and exploiting them and destroying the earth by them because we are addicted to suffering and you’re doing it nicer. Be strong. You know who you are.
Om mani padme hum.

We must be vegan to human and non human. Vegan in its traditional meaning while also meaning all of the essentials on the sanyas post. Do not sacrifice essentials that give perfect happiness. Our heavenly body is the main essential primary goal so it is urgent for all beings to achieve it’s significance as what is our actual body plainly.

Tip method for people that are born in the past for perfection. Manifest your prana and it’s time alignments from when you were younger than five. that is when I think people are a lot more undefeated now.

Yin and yang are complementary concepts in Chinese philosophy that represent opposite yet interconnected forces or principles. They are often depicted as two halves of a circle, with yin being the dark, passive, and feminine aspect, and yang being the bright, active, and masculine aspect. Here are some examples of yin and yang:


  • Darkness: Nighttime, shadows, moonlight
  • Rest and relaxation: Sleep, meditation, gentle yoga
  • Femininity: Nurturing, receptivity, intuition
  • Coolness: Cold temperatures, calmness
  • Softness: Gentle touch, comfort, flexibility
  • Earth: Solidity, stability, grounding
  • Water: Stillness, depth, tranquility


  • Light: Daytime, sunshine, brightness
  • Activity: Exercise, vigorous yoga, sports
  • Masculinity: Assertiveness, action-oriented, logic
  • Heat: Warm temperatures, passion, energy
  • Strength: Power, intensity, firmness
  • Heaven: Expansiveness, growth, dynamic energy
  • Fire: Passion, transformation, ambition

It's important to note that yin and yang are not absolute or static categories, but rather represent relative qualities that exist in relationship to each other. They are interconnected and can transform into one another, creating a dynamic balance. In various aspects of life, these contrasting forces can be observed and understood through the lens of yin and yang.

For mantras of natural base spontaneous and random to core philosophy awareness coordination and specific things within a conservative realm as they are done for essential things like food intelligence try thinking of how the liberal things within the more conservative categories are like the 81 things per moment since it is more chaotic maybe but still of the conservative base which is more exact constantly like 60 seconds for a minute. Then there is the idea basically of a liberal things like a random task type which is more chaotic and changing like the 81 things per moment while it is still maybe it’s summary common focus from a basic person who is more stunning by only more core philosophy and then we could say their techniques that they use while more like 60 seconds I guess since it’s so conceptually ably born as from a base of say metaphysics consciousness mindfulness accumulation from meditation then it is orderly by favorable fun perception since it is liberal and chaotic and that order helps it greatly and anyways that task that is liberal has a more chaotic base like 81 things per moment which would for example be more like liberal conservatism than the what the mantras and specific ingredients where apart of as what they were apart of was conservatively conservative for example being more about a simpler positioning born from metaphysics as it would have been simply simpler range of reasonability for defining and food for core philosophy while it is interesting to think about the what is a bank for one who is being more mindful of core philosophy and that is interestingly again easily for comprehension the tips structures and limits of core philosophy itself. The methods and essentials of core philosophy are a must to get to heaven. There is no real doubt. This world is in a sad time. Om shanti bless. Try to filter the most stressful toiling of course without sinning in meaning and all but it is here to say do not sacrifice more than you can afford. Develop the heavenly body. Always practice core philosophy. Be healthy. Young body mature mind is key. Om shanti bless. Om ah rah pa sa na dhih see night as day and day as night.
Here check this out

Bring us from the unreal to the real :smiley_cat:

Yin and yang (in that order home dawg. Lolololololol jk)

Here are some yin and yang maybe subtle energy habits to build

Method one, maybe (a times b)

Every beginning period of segments i.e. days. full moons, 25 full moons, a year, one may want to begin the term with kriya yoga workouts and Bhakti lifestyle illuminating the base importance for natural organic vegan food for a strong physical and haritaki for simple intense emotion mull gorintaku and neem to keep you supple maybe at the hard and at the drip castor for the shaping of the superconsciousness experiences that are very chaotic and could be liberal notably, and the kundalini journeys and Bhakti lifestyle with its phase segments and segment phases are energy enriching toiling and one may want to morph into ending the term with rest energy tending momentum settling to a blander nature of balance and maybe more dependability in general or specific dependability like the last of these methods in this post comment but maybe mostly aging the cycle to hints of the more specific ability rather than entire possible life style characters/mindsets/habits. So tending to the end of this takes the option by a basic listing order in this comment as a habit person who lives by balance more as the energy is less intense and to remain sustainable by very simultaneously doing things to get more constant or to get more change. Emotion develops intelligence as there are also intellect tools made of mind matter energy intelligence(structure) that are sensitive being reactive and om shanti bless the environment materials manifesting great personally significant intelligence. There are also more matter tools that may be kept close and commonly useful. On3 may keep the structure of calendar and balance for example. They say Confucius says one can get wisdom from being raised, from praying with heaven, and from studying dharma which is meditational toiling for example.

Method two

This method is a cycle that alternates between receiving subtle energies like in the beginning of the first om shanti blessing the self and personal and because they are more immediate items, and then creating the maybe subtle energies in the environment that “sow your energy harvest” by om shanti blessing. This method is done more frequently to the environment more often and are therefore getting more chaotic from the source in this philosophy as it is basic philosophy. One might keep the order of creating then receiving. Key meaning terming mantra philosophy teaches wisdom wisdom is health for good and health by doing good (and there is yang in the yin and yang in the yin) and health is happiness. Confucius says one may get wisdom through contemplation which is a form of meditation being so basic, and there is the imitation which must still be proper and preferably a master professional as then though during learning one must be refraining from unethical selfish himsa, and there is experience which is warned that since it means reality is really noticeable then if it is for core philosophy it may be more stressful.

They say Confucius says one can get wisdom from preparing and also being cautious crossing the great water and knowing that the strenuousness is the reasonable reason to experience weird maybe by humiliating nature which is because of the complexions it simple is like living through much chaos. These Confucius quotes are in order of structure timing chaos(with alignment at the end of the third and with no fourth thing) and they were intuitive x meditative in deriving the order based off of the four methods alignments with the methods being in order of structure order chaos alignment and the quotes were in alignment of structure timing alignment still though when basically mentioned it is in the order of structure alignment timing for clinging terms and structure then would be having some order in it as structure and order are usually together and chaos is with chaos, while the methods main to the post are in the order of structure timing chaos alignment it is about the body very much but overall in time very much so when the body is main the order is structure timing alignment at the end of the first chaos then chaos so that is why the order of Confucius quotes which is really about the body too are in the order of structure timing alignment but here in structure alignment timing since the body is more about the pack of the Confucius quotes being like that that is structure timing alignment order and we want it to be the opposite so it fits into the same way for this body method chronological order which is still time set and it has four so actually turning Confucius into structure timing alignment we can have alignment actually at four for this posts main methods and for the main methods partnered Confucius quotes the third is also alignment. notably the main methods are more about time though the constant body sorcery focus is why I put the Confucius quotes in that order so any abracadabra its also making the Confucius quotes more like the main methods here when compared to the already body but only three level original order for the plain focus on Confucius quotes and structure may have order built in and then the rest was alignment then chaos though that order built in finally forged in this case to structure with timing when we see the first quote plainly

Method three

Chaotic usually brings more specific in sanyas core philosophy as there are more things in chaotic in worth and that is sure more specific things being less chaotic but that there are even limits to natures of specification obviously and that means that when things become more chaotic things are actually eventually more numerous evolving past plain core philosophy. Core philosophy is just plain happiness.

One might choose to do many chaotic things being specific about it as possible many times like choosing new objects and posture moves to receive and create abundantly

Method four

One might choose specific posture moves/tools/nature-or-architected designthatishumanmade and use a conservative (small) amount of them (objects/object signs) instead of doing subtle energy sorcery for the self or others by using any random things as tools which all of the receiving oming shantiing blessing and creating oming shantiing blessing is done through for the selfs health. This method can help one do this basic receiving and creating without mixing up what names for what tasks were put to what objects or paths keeping order for example and all of the work is done with conservative (long) time intent for synchronized relativity.

Here’s a note: the most urgent emergency element nature symbols/signs would in life are addiction depression elementofdeath and divine life. Divine life is needed no matter what and especially in cognition definition of what to toil for for essential needs if one of the other three are at risk of being in action. Make sure not to steal divine life waste divine life be in illusion of divine life. All of these three in both can be any of the other two for both sets of three and are on a level when they are a problem which as being these they would be overwhelming of course. Don’t forget if your good you go to heaven if you’re evil you go to hell it is science.
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magic mantra additional to the work one om shanti bless: uchatanda patse siddhi–%20represents%20meditation.,importance%20of%20nirvana%20and%20samsara.

the black magic can be like using energy outside of the 81 scales in physics understand the big scales can be used but the hand further away for example can be using things away from the scales literally. this usefulness uses things that are not strong in consciousness mathematics for example and whatever is used derived from the base 81 scale consciousness carrier which could for example be seen as 121 scales can be used up completely and may be gotten rid of completely further and further in mind and more physical because the more it is kept from the 81 scales in this method. the oushada and the sound can be understood as pa tsa which can help us understand the white magic (-) though lol it is because it is part of what is used in black magic (+). " PA – represents meditation. There are 2 basic types of meditation: the non-conceptual (without thinking) meditation and the conceptual (thinking). TSA – represents the importance of nirvana and samsara ." one might notice the energy usage in black magic is chaotic and beyond the intention of accuracy precision with the 81 scales and uses the uchatana while the uchatana is what is from something that was a ordered structured object of mind or more matter or was an ordered thought which had a relative relativity to the work/spell/potion/etc. the herbs/chemicals is like the non conceptual meditation and the mantra is like the conceptual meditation while the space of the black magic is like the tsa is like the space that is being used outside the 81 scales which is still by the nature of the 81 scales. in white magic the things on the 81 scales are used but not by what was in the environment; instead it is using the oushada is like the thing on the 81 scales while it is not the most basic of logic in description which is that way because it is safe we could just say rather than being more complex than one = a simple chaos and the white magic (siddhis) are by using the main method of the 81 scales while it is still using the basic methods and to clarify this feeling or whatever the white magic is the abilities (samyama/biomemory,musclememoryextensionlikenessofasimplebiomemory,bioenegry) and the black magic is so much the anatomy essentials and very extreme conceptual physiology i guess so here, think of the black magic as the alone and/or whole environment task especially home/most permanent environment why do what is basic complexly at temporary environment especially without maybe certain home specialties or also why do what is extra very complexly when doing something very complicated while while of course with distractions away from home and/or without the whole environment while of course also without the main awareness tao of the simple derivative of core philosophy even when traveling so that means the things derived of the 81 scales as well are going to be sub connected by disconnecting space realm nature when doing black magic but doing that main 81 scale mindset realm for example is sure i guess first of all maybe is not aligning for extreme abilities besides some less sorcery set base magic tricks which can still tune as a form of logic for creating alignments of space and conceptual personal side of metaphysical and second im guessing the main derivative tao of the traveling way is blossoming for a submission to travel more specifically by nearby location or by omshantiblessing still maybe only while still in the maid derivative is the definition could be more chosen between like a gold magic also hahahahaha and that destined journey signing you to follow a trail blossoming is also interestingly while it is still like the white magic flexibility and choice of power being casually rich it is like the jewel in the lotus blossoming at the sub location which was led from the travel destination main waypoint in a way which reveals the black magic is the meaning of white magic in time progression of sorcery though the bank was needed whether the cost of having a bank in the type of environment maybe made the still what is also samyama as well, but for black magic i guess, not any less helpful maybe but maybe made it only temporary and maybe a call for a core philosophy check illumination glow check in or that by the way of reading traces to find that first sub environment with maybe a more day oriented 81 scales of techniques for example helping ones itinerary, and the white magic is the of the basic space of the journey always anyways born of core philosophy and/or basic but temporary environment why would you run out in the main environment as an example

from the previous descriptions method one may want to further strengthen ensuring full powers and further enrichen maybe immediately developing many new powers and best experienced levels of power. to do this one should practice the core philosophy ie @veganstringbean @danglinplumshaker and there is strength constancy and power perseverance and there is the minds qualities and the bodies qualities which can be relatively mastered to the self, and there is to master three things that are counting coordination harmonyandsycronizations with intelligence (structure). becoming better wise and very extra wise through core philosophy for the purpose of sorcery and extra sorcery can help one develop more skills that are used for black magic like core science mantras that are rhythmically mantrad in special sequence based off of situation descriptions/synchronicities maybe building complexity on for example an 81 scales which, sure, is more of an imaginary guider than a tool used most direct to the sorcery matter though its energies are sure a part of its system. the development of all of the wisdom in consciousness can also be developed again directly or more indirectly for sorcery or a certain sorcery while all things are one by consciousness natures examples and it can help for white magic by the same way of adding tools/harmonystrength/synchronizations but may for example use not a maybe more temporary focus set apart for magic but may use the familiar objects of metaphysics (energy and thick matter) as task time constructive pieces to be overall timely and resourceful of available premade development/momentumcoordination. new integrations could be a more named + type for determinations sake like maybe for what is on 81 scales or the distance dimensions of the scale design of them while conceptually the technique itself stays - usually if wanted regardless of the time of thought or environment or regardless of the environment. the lasting body is - as it could be noticed it is so long lasting (though it regenerates on all levels) though temporary environments last in reality especially as being namely illuminated in consciousness for temporary times shading main environments for example, or that it is the main technique of physique (anatomy and not necessarily mostly purposely guided influence of chemical physiology or obviously nonsubtle moving physiology from the earth regardless) and strength (physiology of more personally intended will) but the storage of resources within or outside the body when not being illuminated as what it is most presently used as can be + for for example the body; the non present anatomy and physiologies in consciousness, conceptually or more by example can as well be + in this method. emotion develops intelligence and there can be imaginary intellectual tools as well made of intelligence that is sensitive to structure and makes intended intelligence. those less emotional tool can also be made of harder matter that is not the body. developing more and perfecting better for methods will help create the sustainable coordinated to intelligence wise peacefulness which keeps one of good health happy longevity full wholesome balance oneness with the self and nature.

moving in circle exercise/training for + and - thinking. choose a center point which marks the most main area then half radius between that and the first sub waypoint there is a sort of dotted line being very decision making, for main attraction boundaries in certain ways, evolutionary in distance while still deevolutionary in a great way if once is intended to not be passed, all while moving away from the source which is the same while moving in but evolutionary and deevolutionary are opposite. beyond the first waypoint is another subline that is between it and the subsubwaypoint. when moving for example one can face towards the center moving to the side and partial in, one can face perpendicular to the center forward to where they are moving, when backwards to where they are moving they can consider the moving more imaginary though it can be slower moving while it is the only one without any net direction movement in certain times more, and one can face away from the center when moving in a circle. once one passes a dotted line or decides not to they have made a decision to a certain waypoint.

Platonic solids
From optimistic intention and weak power and weak strength intuition this is what was noticed for evaluation their assigned elements:
Tetrahedron fire because it is sharp known to last and destroys things and it is creative in action for it to destroy different forms that it experiences. Octahedron air inverted half unit alignment with the 81 scales and shows that the alignment of a different position for the 81 scales is still naturally easily favorable and 3 mid close triangles vs 3 mid far triangles after a prism twisted brings positive and negative which brings a conceptually most different view against a still plane.
Hexahedron earth because to measure a globe by basic planes perpendicular to 3d axises gives one a basic block linear to the limits of the axises all at once for a constant more solid element remaining resilient throughout space time measurement for more inner particles/energies, the forms that stay a map like the river banks stay for the nature of water being within and how measurement of where molecules flow within in alignment to the banks reveals a linear timeline for all spots while the banks stay the same like the stillable nature of the 3 axises and the perpendicular planes making the hexahedron.
Icosahedron water because the closest corners when all planes are the same dimensions make the most sided basic type of pyramid which is shows lowest to the ground being symbolically like a bubble that was a triangular prism being split into many 5 sides of triangles and the triangular prism in this method environment supposedly lasts better for basic complexity examples since three tips against a plane by lasting throughout time make it last longer by more contactless development of sides by a time constant dominant variable throughout chaotic planes.
Dodecahedron aether because of the twelve pentagons and that pentagons are simple and small numbered sides that can show the golden ratio for a way that can have 12 alignments of the first 12 numbers of the sequence from the dodecahedron sides. Aether is chaos and it’s alignments in consciousness of space for the examples for example when thinking of consciousness. 144 is the 12th number and that is a linear limit number using the 9 root digit code for the 3 root digit pattern to recognize the 81 scales which is a limit for 9 root digits themselves. The dodecahedron is a super alignment shape for a chaotic (past pyramid) shape which is helpful for us considerably significantly for the 9 root digit limits of triangular prisms. Golden ratios are developed checking off three things at once three times for example and an overall alignment of that can be recognizable in the very conceptual grouping of 4 sets of 36 in 9 root digits counting that counts the 3 root digits. And in 3 root digit counting 108 is the number of the last number for the first 3 36s which is from counting the whole three actual numbers 1,2,3 of the triangular prism with a fourth balance checking points and all points have 144 total in way. In the same way that for this example which can be creatively used as maybe the base way, it is that one can count to nine knowing that nine were in balance by noticing that numbers 10,11,12 are all checking them as in considerable balance for design of a tool or what’s being measured by it and that way that the number value of the two numbers before are in that way like how the number before added to the number itself before the next gives you it like 5.5 added to .1 which carries the meaning of .6 is added to 5.5 to give 5.6 which, in the method being so derived from and cherished clinging to the meaning of points in balance, is equal to 6.0 and when/if checked again for its relative subjectivity to change, it is in balance it again gains the points to create 6.6.

There is the nature which produces new objects throughout time. There is in this method the source of the earth for example and it is called the creative energy that abides by constructs so in a new coming thing at the beginning of the development there is small yin what the environment will be and small yang what the changes will be then there is big yin there how the future is being shaped from other things and there is big yang how the future is being cultivated from inside. For when the reality is existing in the most mana and chi form after its most youthful time it is that those bigs become smalls and the smalls become big.

And then there is yin yang yang yin yang yin yin yang. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

image image image

One can imagine half distance between people to keep them away and get what you need. If people cross bounties besides your reinforcements and common synchronization implants you should take what is past half distance to om shanti bless it and keep control of half distance. I had super wisdom when I was young and humans are not meant to need other humans and that is that humans are meant to be strong enough for something that doesn’t have control.