Recommend a good Yoga Book


Can anyone please offer a response to my question ?

Thank you.


I first heard of Baron Baptiste in I should say, I haven’t read his book, but I’ve done a fair bit of research on the person and he just seems down to earth. I love what he had to say about energy flowing through the body and through the world.
You know a true teacher when he is able to speak even to a conservative audience.
Anyways, I think this might be something to look in to.
I know that he does have at least one book available.


[QUOTE=y1oga;12666]Can anyone please offer a response to my question ?

Thank you.[/QUOTE] has a very easy to follow method, go there and you can purchase his meditation, pranayama, and asana books. THose three give a good practice and easy to follow. good luck


I knew a great man who was a teacher of Yoga philosophy, snaskrit,pali,Indian logic,studied the koran,bible and various ancient Indian manuscripts. He said he would reccomend ‘Karma Cola’ by Gita Metha. I have read it too! It’s great!


A great set of ebooks for everyone (beginner to advanced!) can be found at


Real Yoga for Real People by Mark Whitwell


i have [B]light on yoga[/B]…i think this is the most complete guide 4 asana…if u want get deep in asana,but my favorite chapter in in the fist chapter,it talks about philosophy and meaning of yoga,bks iyengar explained well and clear…but if u want a simply one just find out book from divine life society… u can download free from the internet…and yea another recomendation from me is [B]pranayama made easy [/B]by scottshawthis nice 4 beginner & easy to follow:smile:



I am just getting into Yoga and would like to do a bit of reading up. and it was very useful.


A book that I have read, which was extremely good for a new yogi, is called “MINDFUL YOGA, MINDFUL LIFE: A GUIDE FOR EVERYDAY PRACTICE”, by CHARLOTTE BELL. Charlotte runs a studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has learned from the masters. Her book shares her story, and goes into great detail about the different branches of yoga, and how we need to incorporate them into our lives. I am assuming that carries it, but I know that it is available on


Hello all, can anyone recommend any good books on beginners yoga practices. There is so much on the internet that it’s overwhelming.



Hi there, I’ve mentioned this dvd on another post recently, but I’ll post again for you. Real yoga for Real People by Mark Whitwell has transformed my daily practice. Great for beginners and those who have practiced for a while too…hope it helps and enjoy!


Hi everyone!
I am just getting into yoga and i would like to reading.


I am currently reading, and have found helpful, Light on Life by BKS Iyengar. Also, Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra touches on some yoga principles and benefits and also covers other aspects of ayurvedic health.


Classic books of yoga (laya, kriya, and hatha yoga) include Gorakshashatakam,
Hatha Yoga Pradipika , Gherandha Samshita, Shiva Shamshita and Yoga Upanishads (about 20 of them).

Each is less than 500 verses long. However, almost the entire yoga literature is drawn or based on these works. It does not mean that other yoga books are not good enough.

I think it is about the same with Christian literature: most of it is based on the Bible, one single book.


thank you very much


Ronan…apart from buying book just get into my website on which i have been providing different yoga postures, their anatomical effect on body and their advantage and dis advantage …please have a look…



I am just getting into Yoga and would like to do a bit of reading up. Can someone recommend a good Yoga book?


You also can try

It is based on four classics.

Note: I like to drink water from the spring, not from the tap.

[quote=y1oga;12646]Dear All

[B]Re : New to Yoga[/B]

I would like to commence practicing Yoga at home, for up to 1 hour per day, 7 days per week. Initially, my interest is in achieving higher levels of physical fitness.

Can you please recommend a book or books with Yoga ‘programmes’ that I could follow ?

Thank you.[/quote]

I wouldl rather recoomend this:

You will like it, It is not only about how to perform asanas, but also on how to find yourself, as a child of God.

I woiud also kindly recommend this site, based on four yoga classics:

You are safe with these two.

[quote=oak333;21380]You also can try

It is based on four classics.

Note: I like to drink water from the spring, not from the tap.[/quote]

I want also to recommend

It teaches you very detailed instructions on how and why to perform asanas an a certain way,


Hi everybody.

@All-yoga-beginers as me, I found a perfect and very well explained and illustrated book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Yoga - Second Edition” and it has 341 pages, hatha yoga in full.


does anyone know a good website or book or anything free preferably about the major asanas and what they do physically, emotionally, psychically, what effects they have on the mind, how they make you feel, what chakras they open, etc ?


-Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

-Autobiography of A Yogi

-A good book or DVD that teaches you about Asanas

are a few good places to begin I think.