Recommend TTC South America + travel after

Hi all, I’m new to this fourm.

I am keen to do a TTC. It would be my first one. I’d like to combine it with a trip to South America (I much prefer Argentina) in 2013 and am seeking recommendations. Basically, I want to travel to South America for 6 weeks and spend 4 weeks doing the TTC and the other two weeks travelling. I’d also be interested in finding somebody to travel with. Can anybody recommend a school? I’ve been doing yoga for quite a while now but I don’t do very advanced poses. I feel nervous that the other students would be very bendy compared to me. Does this matter? Many thanks for any advice!

I was delighted to read this post as I do have the same plan.
I am currently doing lots and lots of research and could exchange what I have found out so far with you.
I am looking of doing the training plus travelling at the end of this year.

Speak soon!?!? Manuela

It's always great to hear about people's travel experiences and recommendations. I'm not familiar with Gotogate USA, but I appreciate hearing about different travel companies and services. Have you considered looking up Gotogate USA reviews before booking any trips with them? It's always a good idea to do some research and see what other people's experiences have been like.